Monday, 21 May 2012

Manly Monday

Genji: We haven't had much time out in the run lately as it has been pouring with rain again, so I have been concentrating on pursuits of the mind. For example, I have been trying to see if I can conjure Tommy's Ultra-Ball to come to me:

No luck yet but these things take time to master and require a lot of this too:

The Beebs: I have been unjustly accused of all sorts of evil-doings. So what if #1 found me this morning with some freshly bitten-off Sei-furs in my mouth after she screamed blue (red?) murder? I am a good boy, really! In fact, I'm good enough to eat!

And I'm always on the lookout for trouble so I can avoid it...!

Vidock: #1 managed to come and see me yesterday during one of the few rain-free minutes. 

I was of course rather busy...

Tom: I am beginning to feel a little sorry for #1. I don't think she appreciates the rain as much as I do. The grass is so high and so wet that the water actually comes in through the top of her Welies... I of course don't mind the rain one bit!

Wishing you all a most excellent week!


  1. Mancats are always ready to have fun, and then we get The Blame. What's wrong with having a bit of fur between your teeth....?

  2. Is that moss in your ears Tommy?

    Miss Fluffy Tail
    PeeEssWoo: of KHOURSE he looks good enough to eat ;-)

  3. uh Beebs - you is mine idol!!!! - Billy

  4. Oh Bibi-chan... Your poor sisfur! Still, 9 quite understands your dilemma. Chani is never willing to play. She growls and hisses at him and at Sheamus Popoki. It is quite unsettling to hear.

  5. Oh Genji, that hairy blanket is so perfect for you! Beebs! Sweet Sei-Chan? Must be the rainy weather.
    Vidock and Tom; perfect in any weather. Hugs and kisses.
    P.S. For Tommy: We know you cuddled with Sei and helped her to feel better. Such a darling dog.

  6. Oh Sei...kissies on the pulled furs place. XXX

    I know how it is to have too much rain. We have the same thing here but mom never allows me out so I just watch the rain come down. xoxox

  7. Oh Gen-Chan, you are so funny! I hope the ball will come to you :-)
    Tommy, it is great you can enjoy rain! Have fun and I wish a great week for everyone!

  8. That lookout for trouble photo of The Beebs made me LOL... it reminds me of the Pink Panther when mischief was about... which was always, of course!

  9. You guys have a good week too. It's raining here as well but at least we had a nice weekend.

  10. I hate rain! You won't find me out getting wet! Well, I am indoors-only, so you won't find me out at all. Bibi, I can't believe you were sitting on the stove - that is Not Safe! The cat BEFORE the cat before me used to do that - and that was when most apartment stoves had pilots lights. He got singed more than once!

  11. I hate the rain too and we have also had plenty.I can see how much Tommy loves the wet grass.Loved your magnet display.. Hugs GJ xx.

  12. It's raining cats and dogs AND horses here too! Good for the garden and getting inside things done! But we don't want an entire WEEK of rain which is what the forecaste holds. Gloomy. :(

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  13. Oh dear, no pulling on the sweet Sei-Chan's furs. Ciara likes to hitch a ride on TD's tail, but he doesn't like it very much.

    Tommy, even soaking wet you are so handsome.

    Woos - Blue Eyes, Thunder Dunder, Prissy Sissy, and Flash a.k.a. Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. happy Monday! I'm glad that your doing great right now, you look so comfy on your soft bed :D

    Dog Shock Collar | Puppy & Human Bond

  15. Yikes? Sitting on the stove? Mum gets all upsets if we do that.

  16. It's nice seeing all you men enjoying yourselves no matter what the weather!

  17. Don't singe your fur, Beebs! That would be trouble indeed!
    Great pics all!

  18. Mancats will be mancats! Tommy, you look a little soaked, but the meadow is luscious!

  19. We got rain here too! Tommy, you look adorable all wet and cute and stuff!

  20. Oh my! Careful on the stove there, we dont want to end up in the pot!
    Wow Tommy! Looks like a fun day there for you!


  21. Wowwie! Tommy looks like he needs at least 2 towels to get dry...Me wonders how many it would take to dry a horse?
    Genji and Beebs does what smart animals does, stays inside where it is warm and dry!


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