Saturday, 14 January 2012

Sulky SEIturday

There was a hard frost last night and it's a beautiful sunny day outside. I just had to investigate #1's boots when she came back in.

Did you notice my new collar? Isn't it cool?

The sulky bit is because we have just found out that both #1 and Tommy are going to be abandoning us tomorrow. Can you believe that? They are going up to Normandy, to Tommy's family to look after the girls, the kitties and the chickens, as Ms. A and Mr. R have to go to England for a few days. And they will be gone until Thursday! That's ages! We are not happy. Our neighbour, Ms. H, and Ms. S who looks after Vidock, will be coming in to feed, clean litterboxes, play and dispense cuddles but, as you know, it's just not the same...

Anyway, at least I can report that the Christmas stuff has all been taken down. #1 had to lock the boys up as she removed the tree because they would probably have taken the opportunity to do a Houbibi. We girls are much more trustworthy.

I have found a new vantage point that I really enjoy. I get a clear view of #1 as she sits at the kitchen table:

And I can enjoy the garden as I meditate:

Of course, I still enjoy hanging out with Tommy, even though his eyes are a bit scary in this photo...

Wishing you all a nice weekend.


  1. You really do have a good spot sei-chan. We are sorry #1 is going but we are sure she will bring back goodies for all of you.

    the amigos and san

  2. Good job on the evil eye Tommy!

    Have fun in Normandy with our furamily!

    Make sure to rub it in with those chats!

    PeeEssWoo: Safe Travels in the metal khat ;-)

  3. Looking forward to seeing you MY Tommy. Love from Emily (Sophy can't wait either!!)

  4. We had a very hard frost last night too but it is the loveliest sunny day (still below freezing out of the sun). We hope your #1 behaves herself while she is looking after Tom's family!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Ha! Tommy...that evil eye won't fool us....we know you are a certified sweetheart!

    Sei-Chan...that is a pawsome collar!!!!

  6. Too bad your peoples is leaving yous. Me wishes my peoples could leave us. We is all going to the little house for 4 days this week and me would much rather stay home.
    PS Bot of my hairy slobbery sisters think Tommy is cute

  7. We're sure #1 won't forget you and will bring back some goodies for you. 4 days is a long time, but it could be much worse! You can always visit us if you get lonely, but stay away from Julie!

  8. Kitty sitters aren't all that bad. I have one named Candy.
    Maybe you'll get to go visit Vidock!!

  9. Happy weekend to you too, Sei-chan

  10. That sounds like an excellent spot to snoopervise! It is too bad your human is leaving you and so unfair!

  11. Lucky Tommy - getting that special time with #1. But we are sure that Mom's friends will take very good care of all of you.

    Great perch you have there - did you give the evil eye to #1 in hopes she would stay home?

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. we will be with you.... come holiday with us... Love Helen, Darcy and Bingley xxx

  13. This sounds like a game of musical humans - yours is taking care of somebody else, while other humans are taking care of you! Well, I guess as long as food is served and the latrines are dealt with, it will do.

  14. we love your new collar. Always investigate the boots so you know where she has been
    Benny & Lily

  15. That is a cool collar! Sorry #1 will be gone for a few days. Just nap a lot, and she'll be back before you know it!

  16. Oooh La La! (See, I know French!) That is a fancy collar! Don't worry, Sei-Chan Darling; I'll be climbing in the window as #1 and Tommy go out the door!
    XX Maui XX

  17. Cool collar! If you like frost, we can send some snow! We just had a horrible snowstorm yuck. Hope that #1 and Tommy come back soon.

  18. Sei-chan, we think you look so cozy there by the window. Is that a sheepskin spot you're resting upon?

  19. Such a cool collar! Oh..sorry to hear that #1 will be leaving you but keep yourself occupied with lots of naps and stretches, before you know it, she'll be back!


  20. No fun that you are being left alone again by #1.

  21. I love your new meditation and watching spot. I hope that the time passes quickly until Thursday but I bet that you can have some fun with your brothers and sisters even without #1. Take care!

  22. When the mice are away the CATS must play!! Play! Play! Play! It will make the time go by much more quickly :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo


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