Saturday, 7 January 2012


This weekend, the 12 days of Christmas will be officially over and it will be time to take the tree and decorations down, but... today, #1 has gone off to a family lunch (we allow family lunches as she doesn't see her cousins that often and really enjoys it) and tomorrow, she has to work to prepare a presentation she is doing on Monday plus she is going to meet two new puppies at a friend's house. So, the risk of delay is great and I shall need to be stern to avoid a repeat of what happened last year: the tree stuff was all slung into a plastic crate and was only put away properly in August!!! You can see that I have a tough job.

I am quite ablush because someone said in yesterday's comments that I have the prettiest eyes! So here is another close-up:

Remember my soft and fluffy comforter bed last week? Well, I have switched to the one next to it which is bigger and therefore even fluffier!

A cover would be nice...

And note to #1: time to take off our Christmas collars!!!

Have a lovely SEIturday, Dear Friends!


  1. Sei-chan, you are a harsh master (mistress)!Your #1 is a busy woman and if the tree is not removed, well, there's just more stuff for you to play with and look gorgeous around......

  2. At least she took it down!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I khan't wait to taste those treats! I hope we get to see pikhs of these puppies!

  3. You do indeed have pretty eyes Sei!

  4. Seems like #1 is busy busy!
    We think the Christmas collars are fine! Hey Chinese New Year's coming soon and that color so matches it!!
    Yes i do agree, you have the prettiest eyes!!


    P.s - Hi to Tommy!! s

  5. Gorgeous eyes and the sweetest, most adorable facial expression... Ever!

  6. SEi-chan, you do have gorgeous eyes and are just plain good looking. We love your color. That does look like even a better bed. Take care.

  7. You look very comfy in the last two pictures Sei-Chan - may we join you there for a nap or two?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. Sei ~ yoo are very beautiful, not just yoor eyes! xx

  9. You do have beautiful eyes! Mom Paula tried a Christmas collar on us once and we'd have nothing to do with it.

    Truffle and Brulee

  10. Sei-Chan, Maui wonders if he need be jealous but we told him there was NO other Cat quite like him, ha ha ha! You keep an eye on #1, and make sure her miserable clients don't get her down. We said so.

  11. You do have lovely eyes. And what a lot of snoopervising you need to do. Did you know that the woman is reading a book and one of the characters is named Seichan? There is no hyphen so she didn't realize that this character had your name. She used to be evil but now she has changed sides and is good. Can you believe they used your good name like that?

  12. Sure we all agree. You have soooo beautiful eyes!
    Have a great SEIturday!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. When it comes to Christmas, humans seem to have a trouble tying up loose ends... maybe it is because they don't WANT it to end.

  14. You is one beauteous cat! me can't believes all the work yous has to do to gets your Mommy to clean up after Christmas! Yous deserves that great fluffly comforter!

  15. Sei-Chan, you are gorgeous and so are your beautiful eyes. I hopw we get good close ups of those more frequently.
    xoxoxox Mom Carole

  16. Mum took down the last of our Christmouse stuff today. She also properly put it away, we snoopervised her to make sure.

  17. Beautiful eyes for sure, Sei-Chan. But if you keep finding fluffier and fluffier comforters, pretty soon, you are going to disappear on us:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  18. You do haf pretty eyes, Sei-chan. We haf always admired your beautiful coat, too. Stay warm in your comforter and don't worry too much bout those decorations.

  19. They are beautiful eyes, so pretty. Enjoy your sleeps in that big comforter, we love snuggling down like that.

    It is a chilly 13 degrees here tonight - cold for mid summer and rainy as well.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  20. I would have to agree with them, you do have very pretty eyes.

    Why not just leave the Christmas stuff up and then you're ahead of the game for Christmas 2012? :)


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