Monday, 23 January 2012

Manly Monday

Happy Monday everyone! So, yesterday, you got to see sweet and soppy pics of me and Genji, but today is the day when we show off our more Mancatly charms! So, here goes:

Getting the measure of the competition...

And Round 1 kicks off!

Round 2 started later in the evening:

Genji: My big brother is THE BEST!!!

Tom: As you know, I am much more a lover than a fighter. So here are a couple of pictures of me showing my moves that #1 took whilst we were in Normandy last week:

Vidock: And here we have my supremely muddy self:

But not for long! The countdown is about to start to my next outing, on February 2nd. So, on Thursday, #1 is coming over here with Ms. L, who will be staying for a few days, and they are going to start scrubbing me clean. I hear there are apple and carrot treats involved!!!


  1. Smackdowns are fun but snuggles are better! xx

  2. I am akitten who was adopted and was fortunate encough to have a monther who give me lots of love and that gave me name Kika
    As love having friends come convidalos for me going faward and if they stay in my goup of and if the stay in my group of friends,go to encoutrar aluguns your friends
    Fondly turrinhas miaumiau

  3. Enjoy your muddy self until the clean up starts Vidock - we think you'll be wrapped up so you stay clean!!
    Nice pictures of you Action Dog Tommy - now get those paws warm.
    Bibi your paws look so much bigger that Genji's - who won or did #1 call time out?
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Great wrestling pictures kids!!! Bibi you have one looooong tummy :-)

  5. Oh my goodness that is quite the wrestling going on over there!

  6. Do you know that when we have smackdowns here, Grete woofie barks at us and tries to make us stop? She hates it when we tussle. She thinks we are really mad at each other. Poor woofie wants it peaceful.

    Vidock...hope the carrots and apples make the bath worthwhile. Me...I'd hold out for cheese. Really good cheese.

  7. Kitty bitey face looks like fun!


  8. Play time is best with an equally good sparring partner, right boys?!
    Tommy you look sweet inside or outside :)
    Vidock..what's a little mud between friends!

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  9. Wow, Bibi and Genji, I would love to see a video of you two wrassling!

  10. Superb kitty wrassling! Having a play buddy is so much fun. Tommy, Mommy wants to steal you away, and Vidock, good luck with the cleaning thing--purrsonally, we detest water!

  11. Tee..heh.. I love that games too ; )
    but I play with the neigbour...pretty rough but FUN !


  12. We have been known to try some of those wrestling moves ourselves. Although we prefer to perform them in the sunbeams!

    Tom, Mum says to tell you she had a dream about you! She was sitting there gazing into your happy loving eyes.

  13. We have a lot of those wrestling matches here too, but not Phantom, he is more the reserved type:)

    Tommy, we all think you have great moves, and you really know how to use those handsome eyes too.

    We bet Vidock will be so handsome - good luck with the next outing.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. Wicked kitty rassling, boys! Tommy, it sure looks cold there. We're shivering for you. Vidock, the Girl is taking a class in horse massage, don't that sound good? Maybe #1 would get you a massage so you can limber up before the big event.

  15. Whoa...that's fierce!
    We did some wrestling too yesterday, me and Zackt!


  16. BOL, yikes look at that wrestling match...whooaaa
    Benny & Lily

  17. Looking a bit frosty there in Normandy. Misery has been, of course, and liked it very much. Oh master has been too come to think of it.

    Sending good apple and carrot wishes to Vidock :)


  18. Vidock you are cute! What breed are you?


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