Friday, 27 January 2012


: Neigh everyone! Remember that I mentioned on Monday that I was going to get cleaned up this week in preparation for my being shown next week? Several of you sent nice messages commiserating about the prospect of a bath. Well, actually, I did not get a bath yesterday. That will be next Wednesday, the day before D-Day. Yesterday's challenge was to get the encrusted mud off me, and also trim any hairy bits.

Let us start with a "before" picture:

You have to admit that I had done a pretty good job on myself, adding layer after protective layer of mud over the weeks!

Anyway, I had three ladies attending to me which, as a young stallion, I found most agreeable! And look! #1 seems pretty happy to be attending to me, doesn't she?

Here is Ms. S making sure that my ears look sleek and beautiful rather than hairy messes:

Ms. S explained that a lot of people use twitches to keep horses still whilst they are getting ear hair or chin hair taken care of, to make the horse be good and stand still. I am happy to tell you that, in my case, the effective technique consisted of lots of kisses on the end of my nose by #1!

Ms. S attending to me whilst #1 makes sure the floor is clean. Believe me, there was a lot of debris!

And here I am, all cleaned up, ready to go back to my box:

Of course, as soon as I was back in the box with Big Tom, there was quite a bit of "horsing around." #1 did tell me to be careful because, she says, bite marks don't really look good to the judges...

So, that was step 1 of "The Fancifying of Vidock." To be Continued...

PS: Our thanks to our guest, Ms. L, for providing most of the photos for today's post


  1. Woo are going to redefine HANDSOME by your big day!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy - I bet he's been taking lessons from woo!

  2. Well, Vidcok, I must say that the last photo of you and #1 would seem to make it all worth the fuss!

  3. Cleaning up Vidock was lots of fun and he was a Very good boy!

  4. Vidock, us kitties would volunteer to give you a tongue bath anytime!

  5. Are you banned from going out and laying down now Vidock? Not much fun for you this weekend then!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Vidock, we know you will look mighty handsome when you are through with your beauty regime.You look handsome now despite your muddiness :)

    the critters in The Cottage xo

  7. Oh Vidock, you truly are a magnificent young manhorse. A very handsome, magnificent manhorse.

  8. You are really turning into a beautiful big boy there Vidock and you clean up real nice. Good luck next week.


  9. Oh Vidock! You look fabulous! You were very protected from the elements with your fine coatings of mud and debris but my goodness you look so FINE after being cleaned and groomed.

    I do wonder though, along with Hannah and Lucy..are you going to be discouraged from rolling now until the show? Tell Tommy NO bitey's. And none from you either. OK?


  10. Vidock, you look very handsome!
    (Please don't step on your Mom. You're such a big guy!)
    Mom kisses me on the nose, too.

  11. You look super Vidock! Have a super weekend...try to stay out of the mud :-)

  12. Oh Vidock! What a wonderous transformation! Yous a Stallion fit for a King! Me is sure yous will be the bestest at the show!
    Has a wonderful weekend

  13. Vidock, all that hard work payed off, you are incredibly handsomER! And seeing you with #1 we are reminded of how VERY LARGE you are...holy cats!

  14. You look great Vidock! I am certain that everyone will be terribly impressed with you!

  15. Ok you could take my title as chick magnet
    Benny & Lily

  16. Vidock Viernes digo yo. Pippa, el perro español stealing silly Misery's login.

    I couldn't blow up your piccies. Are they not set to biggify?


  17. You look fantastic already, Vidock! I can't believe there is even more to come - you are going to stun everyone with your handsomeness!

  18. Looking good V, looking good! :)

  19. oh Vidock, you are so handsome!

  20. Three ladies tending to your grooming - how lucky is that, Vidock!!! We have to say they did a grand job of it. You look beautiful even before the bath. Maybe you really don't need a bath after all:)

    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    Woos- Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  21. I can't believe they removed all of your layers of mud! Don't they know how hard you worked on them?

  22. We were very impressed with the mud job you did on yourself. You worked hard we could tell. Our girl spent her day happily worming horses and giving them shots.

  23. Looking very handsome, although we know you would rather be all muddified.


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