Sunday, 7 August 2011

Snoozing on Sunday

Well, #1 is still away! Ms. A is looking after us very well but we do miss our #1 and therefore are spending a lot of time waiting for her and simply snoozing!

I am guarding her desk chair:

My Bibi is in one of the hammocks:

Sei-Chan is squatting Tommy's bed 9sorry about the red eye effect..):

Genji is on his permanent quest to look as gorgeous as possible...

And the, ahem..., three stooges are hanging out together:

.... although Tommy is keeping a firm paw on his bed!

Thanks to Ms. A for the photos!


  1. Tama, are you sure you are guarding the desk chair ?
    Your eyes look hard to open..heh..heh..heh
    Relax Everyone, and have a great day

  2. I'm sorry you've been abandoned everyone.

  3. Hi, why do you want Tom don't turn crazy...? There is too much beautiful girls with him !!!

  4. Oh Tommy, you look like the master of the house there!

  5. We hate it when the mom is away! We hopes she returns soon! Until then, rest easy. xoxo

  6. Hahaha! They are super cute stooges! :)

    Thank you for purring for our tabbyman. We're lucky to have such good friends :)

  7. I NEED to snuffle and kiss Miss Emily's ears!!

  8. What?
    Do i see 3 Tommys?!!


  9. Oh you poor abandoned babies...#1 will be right back before you know it and you can ALL go to sleep on her..Tommy too! Vidock can be in the room...I almost forgot him!


  10. We hope your #1 is home soon!!! Where do you buy those fantastic hammocks??? Please let me know if they are available online :-)

  11. Are those your best "friends" Tommy! They look very nice but they may wish to put you on the rug and take over that comfy bed of yours. You are about half way through #1's absence now so not too long until she returns - hopefully bearing lots of gifts as bribery!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. I think you all are doing the only thing you can. I so hate it when humans leave!

  13. Great photos! Ms. A is taking good care of them and even taking great photos! Bibi-chan in the hammocks is just so cute :-)

  14. I can see how life is just a little more dreary when #1 isn't around. I hope when she returns, she will really stay put for a while!

  15. Deew sweeties
    I'm so behind, that I don't know whewe to stawt..umm, whewe did tommy's clones come fwom? I love all the pictoowes of all of you welaxing..I hope #1 comes back soon fow all of you..even though you all look happy, I know having hew thewe wif you makes you happiest
    smoochie kisses

  16. Oh dear! We are sorry you have been abandoned, but happy that you have
    a great sitter who is looking after you so well. We know it's not the same ;) Good news is it will not be too long before #1 is home!! Think of all the cuddles you will have then :) !!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  17. It looks like you are all using the time away from #1 wisely resting up to welcome her home. We love all of those pictures. Each of you looks absolutely gorgeous! We love that Tommy gets to spend time with his fam.

  18. Looks like you all have everything under control while #1 is away!

  19. Wow! 3 woofies who look so alike! Tommy does look like the king of his bed. Genji is quite gorgeous there. How can anyone resist his looks? I hope he doesn't get a big head though it would be perfectly justified hehe :)

    hugs to you all.


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