Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Even though the weather gone back to being mostly grey, we are getting the odd ray of sunshine and spending more time out in the run. I have to keep an eagle eye out for that pest Manoushka...

The hammocks are not up yet and the metal bars are really good for scratching!

Of course, I have to take time out of guard duty to look after myself:

And then it's back to guard duty, this time at the window:

By the way, did you hear that Huffle Mawson has a new brother, Teddy? We are very intrigued by this and can't wait to hear more!


  1. Tama, I'm the same ...LOve to be on patrol : )

  2. Patrolling is so important, whatever the weather. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of your hammock :)

  3. Yard patrol is a great way to pass the day and night!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! We got some fluffy snow during the night but then they added a layer of khrispy khrunchy to it - sadly, rain will be taking all of it away ;-(

  4. How often does Manoushka come by? I do hope he doesn't bother you kitties in the run too much.

    Yes, we did see about Teddy! It seems very exciting. We are anxious to have Huffle tell us the story of how they came to adopt Teddy.

  5. You are looking extra glamorous today Tama-Chan and your furs look so shiny.
    It was dull here this morning but it has turned sunny which is a nice change from all the murk that we have been having - we hope you get some sun soon too.
    We hadn't seen about Huffle Mawson having a new brother we will have to be more alert to find out more.

  6. We always enjoy Tama-Chan Tuesday! We hope you get more sunshine soon. We have too much here all of a sudden. We need rain this time of year.

  7. Keep a wary eye on your perimeters, lovely lady. The new council area we live in is really strict on cat "ownership", with curfews, limits on numbers (2 without a special permit) and all sorts of things. Mum hasn't seen a SINGLE other cat since we got to Melbourne. We kind of miss our intruder.

  8. Merci! for stopping by and welcoming us to blogland!
    We are familiar with France as our LP (the one who feeds us) studied in Tours,France many years ago.
    We look forward to getting to know you.
    The critters at Critter Cottage

  9. Patrolling is important--particularly if it is not raining. If it is raining, I tell Ichiro he should go outside and do it. He hasn't yet.

  10. You sure make a good and cute watch kitty
    Benny & Lily

  11. Cat patrol is extremely important and you look like you are doing a fine job!!!

    We read about Teddy yesterday...very exciting :-)

  12. Tama-Chan, you are so good at your patrol duties and your uniform is impeccable!

  13. You can guard me anytime! Me-ow!

  14. Gurading is a serious job! You do very well, my friend!

  15. It must be nice for you to be able to spend some time outside. We hope you get more sunshine too. We have snow coming tomorrow afternoon - that makes at least us pups very happy, the Momster not so much.

    Isn't that little Teddy just so cute? We hope he and Huffle are making furiends.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. You are a VERY hard-working kitty, Tama-Chan!

  17. Tama -Chan
    you awe such a vewy bootiful giwlkitteh and so focused..I bet nothing gets by you when you'we on guawd dooty
    I hadn't heawd about Teddy..I'll have to go investigate.
    Enjoy the wawmf of the sun
    smoochie kisses

  18. What a glamorous guard kitty. Very elegant. You great beauty will cause any introoder to faint away at first glance. Love to all.

  19. Good job guarding! You do it better than me!


  20. Teddy = pest! That's all I have to say right now.

  21. We've met Teddy and he is VERY cute!

    BTW, yoo look beautiful today!

  22. More great photos.

    Teddy...what a cute name. :)

  23. You look pawsome in all your photos! And yes, we have gone over to see Teddy, and he is a cutie!


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