Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunny Sunday Snuggles!

Guess what? We woke up this morning to a gloriously sunny day and a working Internet connection! Isn't that awesome? We have been going in and out of the run and even #1 came in there with us for a while. She is pondering how she might make it better for us...

Anyway, snuggles it is... I have of course been getting my share of snuggle time with Tommy:

As has Sei-Chan:

As for my Bibi, he does have a tendency to use Tommy as his personal groomer...

... in addition to their usual play and snuggle time:

And here is a shot of Bibi and I relaxing in the sun with Tommy:

You may have noticed that almost all of the cuddling is with Tommy. Right now, there is virtually no snuggling going on between us kitties although I have begun to play a lot more with Bibi than I used to, and even Sei-Chan is getting quite a bit more playful.


  1. Ha ha ha! I love how Tom's sleeping upside down in the last photo! He's awfully like Ben isn't he? They have the same look. He's so handsome!

  2. Tommy, there is no other woofie in the UNIVERSE who looks more relaxed than you do in that picture :) Hooray for working internet!

  3. That's really great news!
    Mommy's always amazed how relaxed and calm you are Tommy, among all those khute kitties!
    Enjoy your snuggles!


  4. I bet you are delighted to have sun (and #1 too!).
    Of course the best way to make the run better would be for #1 to have a cozy chair in there for herself, one big enough for cuddles. Maybe something heated? And to bring out the beautiful Peggy's Blankie and more hammocks. But of course there would be weatherproofing issues ........

  5. Lovely Sunday Snuggles today - it's great to see you doing your share of snuggling today Tama-Chan especially with Tommy. Everywhere is a real snuggler's paradise today.
    Glad the internet is working ok - we don't want to hear any bad words on a Sunday!

  6. Hey Tommy -

    I khan see those thought bubbles above your head -

    Something about what would Khyra think



  7. Tommy - you must be the most patient dog we know. We salute you.

  8. Tommy, you are Grete's hero! She's as sweet as you, but not nearly as patient!

  9. What lovely photos of Tommy with everyone. He is such a patient lovely boy!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend .

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  10. Tommy, I wish I could have a dog friend like you at my house! Hooray for the innernets being back!

  11. of course, we understand why everyone would want to snuggle with Tom. everybody wants to hang out with the cool kids - hee hee!


  12. Tommy , you are a miracle dog !..You are so good to Bibi and Sei. Keep up good thing and Don't change your mind : )

  13. Tama-Chan
    It doesn't mattew who you snuggle wif, as long as you do, and tommy is the ideal candidate. he is soft and bog and so sweet and gentle..i'm suwe you and Sei-Chan and bibi will eventually all get snuggly too
    smoochie sunshiny kisses

  14. Tommy you are the most darling doggie! Incredibly sweet and so handsome! It's no wonder you are the preferred partner for snuggling. We'd love to snuggles you too! When our mum looks at dogs of your breed, she always says that no one is as beautiful as you. Your gentle soul and loving nature show in your face.
    How very lovely #1 wants to make the kittie's outdoor area more interesting. How about some comfy chairs with cushions for sunning. Maybe a safe fountain of some type for the summer season. We adore falling water.

  15. Tommy is a giant snuggle magnet! We had a good giggle over the "personal grooming" THERE'S a double entendre! (Mommy explained it to us!)

  16. Wow! Look at all that fur!

  17. Sounds like a perfect day! And such great snuggles I see!!!

  18. Sun puddles to sleep in are the best, we had a few weak winter ones today.

  19. Ok, how is it that we always come over on Sunday when snuggling is going on? (sorry, mom has been soooo busy, at least that is what she tells us!). You all look so cute, and mom wishes we would snuggle just once like you guys!

  20. Loved all those snuggling photos! Tommy you looked so relaxed!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  21. Looks like you all are having the purrfect Sunday!! Enjoy your snuggles!!

  22. What a lovely day you all have had!

  23. Tommy just seems to have those magical ways:) Great sleeping shot at the end. So glad to hear you got some sunshine. Hope it lasts all week.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  24. Glad your internet is working fine!
    Happy Snuggly Sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. YAY for yoor internets werking! Tommy is a regular snuggle-machine, isn't he?


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