Friday, 7 January 2011

Stolen SEIturday

I thought I was going to have to give up my SEIturday again as #1 is off in Versailles for a family lunch, but I managed to convince her to prepare the post ahead of time. Phew!

I have got tell you that life really is very lovely these days. #1 has been here with us and I get to cuddle with her in bed each and every night! I love it!

During the day, I generally try to be in whatever room #1 might be in, but when she is downstairs, I have laid claim to the wonderful perch on the kitchen radiator.

It's an old-fashioned radiator and therefore most comfortable. From there, I have an excellent view of #1 as she cooks, of the table where our meals are served, and, best of all, of the birds who come to eat the seeds that we serve outside the French doors (a special mix for ground-feeding birds):

And I even get in an occasional laugh at that Bibi's antics. His latest obsession is likely to turn him into a pot roast, but he will tell you more about his manly adventures himself on Monday.

Wishing you all an excellent SEIturday!


  1. That vintage radiator looks like a perfect napping/ viewing place! It sounds like the Bird TV reception is awesome!

  2. It's just the perfect spot, Sei-Chan. We can't wait to hera about Bibi's antics.

  3. Good move claiming that radiator. I like to watch the birds on my deck through the sliding glass doors: Dd throws seed down for the ones who are ground feeders, as well as putting seed in two hanging feeders. They were all pretty sweet in the snow yeterday.

  4. That radiator looks as though it was made especially for you Sei-Chan - just the right width and height. It's very tiring work though watching the birds fighting over their foods - it looks as though you are ready for a little "shut-eye"!!

  5. If we had such a perfect spot, we'd never leave it! Oh my, seeing you yawn like that.... we just woke up, but maybe its nap time? Purrs!

  6. Warmed up Chan!


    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! The news did a brief interview Friday night with one of the horse judges fur The Beer Horse khategory - Princess had finished sekhond - and they showed her pretty braidings - of khourse the judge explained it is a beaWOOty khontest and it was like getting dressed up fur church on Sunday - the judge was from Aaronsburg - which I'm sure #1 has heard of too!

  7. A radiator with a view :-) That sounds nice!

    Happy New Year from Cliff & Olivia

  8. Most excellent strategic placement, Sei-Chan! Entertainment and heat - the perfect mix. Now all you need is food within a paw's reach for utter perfection. We have been enjoying lots of snuggle time too, but apparently Äiti has to go back to work soon. We shall do what we can to prevent this.

  9. I love your radiator! We remember those in our hotels in France. They are quite toasty. We were there in January which is not the usual visitor time...

  10. Happy Seiturday to you! We are jealous of your old fashioned radiator. Right now, Mom just puts on this heating fan thingy... then again, we don't have snow where we live.

    9 and Chani

  11. Looks like a great spot to rest. :)

  12. That radiator looks purrfect fit for you !
    Sweet Dream Sei : )

  13. Looks like you have the best spot in the house!

  14. A laughing Sei-Chan with her little pink toes! What a wonderful treat for us, dear. Hope your weekend is warm and cosy. Your radiator is the best "Sei-t" in the house. Hope your dear #1 has lovely time at her luncheon.
    P.S. How is your mum's friends horse doing? He is still in our prayers.

  15. Happy SEIturday!
    That sure is a pawesome spot!
    I can see you really enjoy it!
    Kisses and hugs

  16. That's an excellent spot you have, Sei-Chan!!

  17. Oh Sei-Chan you sure look comfy in your spot
    Benny & Lily

  18. Gorgeous girl, your radiator looks like a fantastic spot to sit and relax and watch the world go by :)

    As for pot roast Beebster, we can only sigh!

  19. That is a great photo shoot and looks like a cozy spot too!


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