Saturday, 15 January 2011

Seriously SEIturday!

Have you seen the time, my friends? If we waited just a bit longer, we could do a Sunday post instead! Is there a good excuse? Well, maybe... #1 spent the first part of the morning on the phone to the helpline at our ISP (Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr) and the rest going to collect a new modem at the shop in town where there are always long queues and not enough staff. So, the upshot is that our connection now appears to be working normally. Paws crossed. As for the afternoon, it was spent at the veterinary clinic for horsies. Vidock's Mama, Jessy, has an ouchie on her left eye, and we needed an update on Blaze, the horse we told you about last week. His swelling has gone down quite a bit but he's not out of the woods yet. She didn't get back until almost dark and then ran in in to feed Tom and then back out with him before it was totally dark.

And so, here I am with another hasty post. Sigh.... Of course, the camera issue is ongoing and it has been too dark most of this week to take decent photos. What is a girl to do?

I discussed the buffet offerings with Tama, and who should go first. She is the older and the Queen of the house, so guess what the answer to that was?

I say when in doubt give yourself a good bath, so I sat down on Tommy's bed and proceeded to thorough ablutions:

And what do you think followed?

#1 said I looked hugely kissable!!!

As a special bonus for today, here is a photo #1 snapped this afternoon of Vidock's Papa, Orgueil de Prainville:

Doesn't he look romantic?


  1. Furry much so!!!

    Paws khrossed the issue is FINALLY fixed!!!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  2. Very romantic of Vidock.. Now I think I need a snack after seeing your buffet!

  3. Technology should not be allowed to frustrate us so much. It is supposed to save time, not cost it!
    Vidock's Dad looks extremely handsome in that picture, and of course, you and Tama look lovely as always, Sei-Chan.

  4. Vidock's Dad looks very fine indeed watching you over the fence.
    We hope your internet is ok now - it's so frustrating if it keeps going off.
    Lucy says she may come and help #1 with her desk tomorrow but she is rather tired tonight as it has been very, very windy here today and she has taken it upon herself to pounce on every one of the leaves that have landed in the garden and give them a whap!!

  5. Wow! You guys get a buffet! I only get a choice between nuts and my Dine! You are all ever so lucky!

  6. At least you didn't threaten the computer with destruction and bad words like momma
    Benny & Lily

  7. Sei-Chan you are looking cute in that last picture - I agree with #1 you are hugely kissable!!!

  8. I hope your problem is sorted now, we cant live without but how frustrating when it goes wrong. Hugs GJ x

  9. You have the most incredibly kissable faces, dear Sei-Chan. Our mum is making kissy sounds at your photo right now. Can you feel the love floating softly through the air?
    We are glad that Blaze is improving. We hadn't heard anymore, so our mum was afraid to ask again. Hope Vidock's mum gets well soon. Romantic is certainly the word for Vidock's dad. Easy to see envision him with a beautiful renaissance maiden in long, flowing robes. Quite a fellow, no?

  10. You know...being a girl kitty, it's kinda hard to think of a horsie as being romantic. Fun? Magnificent? Yes, but romantic...hmmmmm. Maybe to another horsie, especially Vidock's momma!!!!

  11. very adorable and the horse is very romantic looking, not quite as kissable as you!

  12. We really love that photo of Vidock's Papa! Truly beautiful!

    We hope all your internet issues are finally resolved now!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

    ps-intersting question you asked the other day about Murray and the new attractions in Disney and how he copes ....

    Well, if truth be told he really likes everything to same the same ... it takes quiet a while to get him used to new rides / changes in his schedule. This March there will be three new attractions in the Disney Studios so we have printed off lots of information about them and we are working on him every day to get him used to that fact! Once, he does get used to them ... he will be okay but he does like everything to be as he remembers it! Thank you for the question though! Very relevant to us!

  13. My human says that photo of Orgueil de Prainville could be on the cover of a romance novel!

    I hope your internet is fixed for real finally!

  14. I hope it is fixed... :)

    Loved all the photos.

  15. Hope the new modem does the trick. Ours was part of the problem, the other was the need for a new wireless router.

    Hugely kissable, Sei-Chan - great photo!

    Hope the camera problem gets resolved next and that you get some bright and sunny days.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. I am swooning over Vidock's papa!

    And I would never stop myself from kissing you, Sei-chan.

    Hehe... my word verification today is: dogin... heheh

    Tommy, are you staying inside today?


  17. A good bath is always the solution to everything, well almost everything. That last pic of the horse is very artistic, we love it!


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