Friday, 14 January 2011

One-Frootbat Friday

: It has been a supremely dreary and frustrating week at Poupounette Central. The last little bit of sunshine we saw was on Monday. Since then, it has been so grey that the lights have been on in the house all day. As for our connection problems, guess what? The "expert cell" people did not call yesterday. #1 had to call back twice. The first time they promised to return the call within half and hour. Nothing. The second time, they promised they would call today between noon and 1pm. We are not holding our breaths! In the meantime, we heard from a friend that he had seen the big phone cable at the bottom of the hill hanging by a thread...

So, with the lack of light and the lack of a good camera, #1 has taken virtually no photos this week. Fortunately, when the sun shone for a while on Monday, she was able to catch a rather nice Frootbat shot of me:

Oh, and I was very out of sorts first thing this morning because that rascal, Manoush, was hanging around MY garden again. So, I terrorised Sei-Chan and Bibi. Sei-Chan was suitably traumatised but it takes rather a lot to traumatize that Bibi of mine... By the way, he says a big thank you for all the nice comments about his MM 2011 entry yesterday!


  1. I'm sorry about your interweb problems, that is No Good. Love the MangoBeebster entry!

  2. That's some annoying stuff going on for sure. Maybe it's best if you all take a long nap? But them we guess humans don't believe in that way of problemsolving...
    Tama, we absolutely understand about your introoder problems. Our introoder Dado was there today too and we both went crazy.
    All paws crossed the expert cell solves the problem TODAY!

  3. Well, one beautiful photo like this one is worth so much to us - gorgeous - love that sunshine aglow on your furs. Hope the phone line is the problem and that it gets repaired pronto.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

    Pee Ess, the vet wanted to leave Gypsy with a longer stub, but he said the healing of a docking in an adult dog is very difficult the longer they leave it. We love Tommy's tail:)

  4. It's a pity it's not Manoush who you terrorised Tama-Chan insted of Sei-Chan but when you're in a strop we think we all scream first and think later!!
    Hope the internet connections get put right for you today.

  5. Sometimes we wonder how they can call it "customer service" when there is no service involved.

    As judges we are not allowed to comment on the MM 2011 kitteh posts, Mango makes the rules and we follow them. He's one BIG doggie!

  6. You look so warm and glowy, Tama-chan. We have not seen the sun since October and now it has left you too.... This is not good. And as for the internet connection - we admire your patience, and #1's too - we would have sued the company by now!

  7. Those problems are so frustrating. Sounds like the cell people are just as incompetent as the workers here. We will send some sun your way
    Benny & Lily

  8. I know how frustrating issues like that can be. I hope that they resolve for you guys. :(

  9. Nice sunshiney ears!

    Paws 'n Claws,

  10. One lovely photo capture is worth a dozen gray days! Too bad about that bad Manoush on your turf - he sounds like a big trouble-maker.

  11. I certainly hope the "expert cell" people called and you're soon back in business.

    By the way, that is a VERY good Frootbat shot. And the picture of The Bibi is without a doubt a winner!!!

  12. I know how it goes. We often do not have light living in the PNW...

  13. Therapy would be necessary here if all those tekhhnology things were taking place!

    Great - AND TASTY - frootbats!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  14. Hope your web troubles gets fixed soon!
    We've been having lots of grey weather too lately..:(
    Nice sunshine shot! Hi to Tommy!


  15. After getting us back, mum's favourite part of getting into the new house is getting reliable internet back. It's amazing how much it becomes a seemingly essential part of life!

    The Bibi's entry is stupendous! What a fabulous face he has :)

  16. We can sooo relate..but there is some sunshine today..finally. Hey, we have a message for #1...if she has FaceBook, please have her look here:

    Someone near Seattle has a 23 yr old Percheron that they are trying to home through SAFE (Save A Forgotten Equine)...maybe #1 knows someone who might want her.

    Purrs to the whole house, Lautrec and Tiny

  17. Soo frustrating when technology doesn't do what it should! ggrrr

    Great frootbat picture.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  18. It has been gloomy here too, and no sunshine. That pic makes your froot bat ears look that a sparkle dancing off your left ear?


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