Wednesday, 9 June 2010


#1 here. Today's post is a celebration of Yuu-Chan as it is his first birthday. Yuu-Chan came to live with us at The Poupounette on October 1, 2009, when he was just under 4 months old, but he was already familiar with the "back room" as he had stayed there a couple of times with his mother and siblings.

I first met Yuu-Chan on June 18, when he was just 9 days old:

I have no idea which of the three red kittens in the photo is him. He was a little runty and he was also a "flat-chest kitten" so his chances were not clear early on. But he made it and his ribcage gradually returned to the shape it was supposed to be

I next saw him in early August when Uncle U left him and his family with me for a few days. Here he is at 7 weeks:

Getting a little lick from his mother:

And with his siblings:

Here he is at 10 weeks:

And on the day he came home for good:

He was a very cuddly kitten, right from the start:

And quickly learned to appreciate the cat run!

He and Sei-Chan got along very well and quickly became known as the "Terrible Reds":

At 6 months, he was already beginning to look regal:

And even more so at 8 months!

At the age of 9 months, he welcomed his little brother Bibi-Chan with open paws:

And the two of them have become best friends and trouble-making cohorts!

By 10 months, he was already quite the golden boy!

And now, at ONE YEAR of age, he is enjoying life to the full!

He is a little fragile, prone to URIs and with a delicate stomach, and he HATES travelling by car, so I try to avoid stressing him. He is the snuggliest cat I have ever known, actively dispensing cuddles throughout the day, and wanting to be held a lot. He moves like a dancer and is a real joy to behold, with the most soulful eyes. He is also very dominant, which does not always go down well with Princess Tama, and there are occasional spats regarding this matter between them. He is the only one of the cats who does not actively snuggle with Tommy although they like to play and hang out together - real guys! He had his first outing with the Puppia harness last weekend and just loved it, so there may be more of that in the future, especially on the days when there is outdoor dining on the patio!

For his birthday, he is getting lots of treats and snuggles, and I have also ordered for him some great new collars from an Etsy shop called RescuePaws.

Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan and Tommy join me in wishing Yuu-Chan


There will be partying all day in the cat run, and his special dates for the day are AttieCattie and Baby Audrey!


  1. Paljon onnea! Many birthday congratulations to the great Yuu. May you have many snuggles and sunbeams falling on you in the catrun :)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday Yuu-Chan. We saw you on Attie's bloggie last week and thought you were very handsome. What kind of kitteh are you? We has never seen a cat such a beautiful shade of ginger before.

  3. Happy First Birthday Yuu! I like your photo journal showing you all tiny and then a big full grown and, yes, most regal, kitteh.


  4. Happy birthday YuYu !

    I hope you get a BIG cake!!

    ViVi & AB

  5. In reply to the question by Auntees, since they do not have a blog of their own:

    I am a sorrel ABYSSINIAN.

    Yuu-Chan "The Birthday Boy"

  6. Happy Birthday Yuu! You and your siblings and family are all lovely cats!

    Hope you have lots more birthdays too.

  7. Oh Happy Day!!! Wishing you a wonderful Birthday sweet Yuu-Chan! May it be filled with lots of love and fairy dust!!!

    The Sumac Felines

  8. Happy birthday Yuu-Chan! You are so adorable!

  9. Happy Birthday Yuu-Chan!!!

    This is a great party, we LOVE your cat run.

  10. Happy birthday to Yuu-Chan from all of us here. You are a lovely kitty and have grown up to be so handsome and snuggly. Even Simone and Happy send their birthday wishes.

    wags, Lola

  11. Happy Birthday Yuu-Chan - your first year has gone by so quickly.
    We are sure you will get lots of attention today with treats and so we hear a speacial date with Attie and Audrey.
    Luv, purrs and xxxs from Hannah and Lucy.

  12. Happy Birthday Yuu-Chan!!!! Hooray!!!! Look at those gigantic 7 week old paws! Have the best ever day, buddy :)

  13. Wishing you a really wonderful birthday, Yuu-Chan! You have grown into such a beautiful, handsome boy!
    Sending lotsaluv from a jubilant South Africa

  14. A very Happy Birthday to you. Yes, you are quite the regal lad. Your red furs are your crowning glory. Loved all the pictures of you growing up and you have grown into one handsome mancat. Happy Birthday!

  15. Happy birthday Yuu-Chan! We love all the photos. You have grown up to be a very handsome mancat! Enjoy the day and lot's of snuggles with your #1.

  16. Happy birthday to Yuu
    Happy birthday to Yuu
    Happy birthday dear Yuu
    Happy birthday to Yuu!!!!!

    Have a wonderful next year too.

  17. Happy Birthday Yuu-Chan, from the gang at Cat of Nine Tales!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  18. Happy Purrfday Yuu-Chan! you was a really cutie when you was a baby (and the mom says you is furry furry handsome now!)

  19. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your day is filled with fun, treats and lots of hugs! Enjoy!


  21. O-tanjyobi omedetou gozaimasu!!! Happy birthday, Yuu-chan!

    purrs and hugs,
    Marlene, 9 and Chani

  22. Happy Birthday! I come bearing a very special ham that will be easy to digest!!!!

  23. Happee Birthday Yuu-Chan. What great pictures.hope you get lots of purrty presents.
    Benny & Lily

  24. Happy, happy birthday Yuu-Chan! You grew up real handsome!

  25. Happy first birthday, beautiful!

    Ms. C

  26. Happy first birthday Yuu-Chan! We hope that you are having a wonderful day and that all the others are treating you extra nice! Now we would like to sing our special birthday song for you!

    What day is today?
    It's Yuu-Chan's Birthday!!
    What a day for a Birthday!
    Let's all have some cake!!

    Welcome to being an official mancat!!

  27. Happy BIWFDAY you dawling handsome boy!!!

    Yuu -Chan , i love seeing all the pictoowes of you gwowing into the magnificent boig boy that you awe.I wish you health and a vewy long and haooy life wif tons of tweats and outings and snuggles and playtimes
    smoochie kisses

  28. Happy Purrday Yuu-Chan!

    Fur a khat, woo are khwite the looker!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  29. Happy Birthday to Yuu,
    Happy Birthday to Yuu,
    Happy Birthday dear Yu-uu,
    Happy Birthday to you!
    We thoroughly enjoyed the little travel through your first year, Yuu-Chan. We wish you many more, filled with fun, love and good health.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

    P.S.: I think Chilli is biting her tail off that she didn't "secure" you when you fancied her as a little whippersnapper. Just look at you gorgeous mancat now!

  30. Excellent day for a First Birfday Party, Yuu dear!!! we are delighted to be here as your dates, thanks again for asking us. we will keep this party going all night long, and help you cleans up in the morning. whew! here we go!!!

  31. Welcome to Mancathood, Yuu! I did enjoy that trip down memory lane. May you have lots of snuggles and ham in your future.

  32. That was a wonderful posting for Yuu-Chan. Happy purrday and welcome to becoming a full grown mancat! You are definitely one handsome fur baby.


  33. Happy Birthday, Yuu-Chan!! You were such a cute kit and now you have grown into a handsome mancat!!

  34. Happy Birthday, darling Yuu-Chan!

    We send kissies, pets and purrs to you on your special day. Enjoy it to the fullest, you deserve it. We are so glad to be your friends.

    Here's to many More!

  35. Happy Birthday to you, Yuu! You Yuu are very special. I had my first birthday on April 14th.

  36. Happy Belated Birthday Yu-Chan!!
    How was da partay?
    May you be blessed with more good healthy happy years to come!


  37. Happy Birthday, Yuu-Chan! It has been a joy watching you grow up to be such a sweet and handsome mancat. We hope you enjoy your date with the lovely and adorable Attie and Baby Audrey.

  38. Happy Birthday, Yuu-chan! It is so nice to see all the photos from when you were a tiny little kitten! You are so handsome. We hope you get spoilt with lots of cuddles and treats!!!
    Purrrs, Keiko, Kenji & Pricilla

  39. Happy Purrthday little dude. May you have many, many more.

  40. Happy Birthday Yuu Chan. You are certainly a very good -looking cat.

    amigos and san

  41. A little late we know but we're here now to wish you a very Happy Belated Birthday Yuu-Chan. We're sure you had a great day!

    The photos of you were fantastic - you have grown into such a beautiful cat!

    best wishes
    Clive and Murray

  42. We can't believe it's been a year!!! It seems like just yesterday!

    Happy birthday my friend, and here is to many, many more.

  43. Yuu, you grew up into a very handsome and regal ManCat!

  44. What an absolutely beautiful boy! So elegant and regal. And just look at those eyes! Heaven!
    Happiest of birthdays precious Yuu!
    Kisses from our mum too.

  45. Happy Belated Birthday Yuu-Chan! We are sorry we missed your excellent birthday post yesterday. Hope you enjoyed all your treats!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose


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