Friday, 11 June 2010

Family Friday - They're Baa-aack!

Yesterday started out as an ordinary day, but then, all of a sudden, #1 closed the door to the back room and started going in and out carrying stuff, including the big sucky machine. Something was going on! And then, in the afternoon, Uncle U appeared carrying a big box and they all disappeared into the back room.

So, did you guess? YES! Viña and her two boy kits are back! As usual, I managed to sneak into the room so I actually SAW them, for about one millisecond anyway, until #1 grabbed me and threw me out unceremoniously. The little guys have grown so much! They are now 6 weeks old.

Uncle U cut their nails before he left:

They have been taking their cuteness lesons...

After giving Viña a big cuddle, Uncle U left

It took the kits a little why to get used to their new environment, and then they were ready to play!

Even Mama Viña joined in!

It's fun seeing our little cousins grow!


  1. Hey Bibi they are as cute as you guys are... If not cuter!

  2. The cousins are so cute! They were very good, getting their toenails clipped.

  3. Your kitty cousins are looking as though they will get in to lots of mischief while they are staying with you again.
    We hope you are not going to show them how to be too naughty
    Bibi-Chan they look quite able to do it for themselves!

  4. Our mum is a puddle. A puddle, we tell you! :)

  5. Oh look at those cute kits!!! Would they mind if I just licked their little heads a bit?! I LOVE kits.

  6. Oh so cute! Lovely Frootbats in training, I believe. Love the pensive look in the second toe clipping photo and the winky eye in the next photo.

    Cute cute cute!

  7. It is so great the the kittens get to come to your house for a vacation. They are pretty cute. Hope they grow up to be as snuggly as all of you.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  8. Once again, even I am impressed by their khuteness!

    AND WOO KNOW what a tough judge I am ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  9. I think Abbys make the cutest kittens in the whole wide world!

  10. Johnson is beside himself. We swear, there's TWO of him. He is SUCH a Manny, he's dying to snuggle with the lil' kittens.

  11. They are adorable! Have a great weekend.

  12. We are now convinced that #1 just can't live without some itsy bitsy little ones around:) Your cousins are just so cute - bet you are all hoping you can play with them soon too.

    Happy weekend.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. oh those little babies are just the limit of cute!!!!!

  14. CUTE! CUTE! CUTE! That's all I can say....

  15. Oh they are so so cute!! It is so great that they are spending some time there again!!

  16. Oh jeeze!! Now look at those little sweeties!! It's a wonder #1 can get anything done with a home filled with such cuties!!!

  17. Hmmm, now the REAL question many of those kittens will be moving in on a Permanent basis???

    Those kittens are the same age that Mica was when he moved in with Mom!

    Your pals,

    Petey and Mica

  18. Can't stand all the cuteness!

  19. Your cousins are adorable. Looks like #1 is a science fiction fan, we recognize some of those titles from our Mom's collection. We'll see you soon, it's a week away from the internet for our blog. No connection at Grandmama's house in Indiana.

  20. Woo hoo!
    Too much khuteness!


  21. Vina sure does have cute kittens.

  22. Adorable! Their cute lessons are certainly werking!


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