Monday, 17 May 2010


I get to go first on the Manly Monday post today because #1 says I have now proved myself, earned my "stripes" (what?) as a Mighty Hunter. Behold the evidence:

Yep. That was me. I caught the mousie! It was a bit of an accident, actually. #1 unwittingly locked me up in our small cellar room for a few hours after I slipped in there unnoticed when the door was opened. I was bored and there was the mousie...

Having achieved such a feat, #1 told me I could have my very own throne:

... although I have to say I almost prefer #1's bed!

I am, after all, a lover at heart!

Bibi-Chan: I have a new portrait I quite like. I think it makes me look pretty manly!

Of course my brother Yuu-Chan is still quite a bit taller then me, giving him an unfair advantage when we wrestle.

And so, I have been concentrating on one of the activities which contribute most to my growing big and strong: sleeping!

Tom: There has been a lot of dew in the fields in the early mornings, so #1 has gone wild taking "wet and wild" shots of me!

Here is an "ear flicked back" dashing pose:

And a "soulful-eyed Tommy" pose

And then there is the "find the Tommy" pose:

HAPPY MONDAY everyone!


  1. My dogness! I think all that manliness just might have me swooning. It was a lot for a Monday morning.

    wags, Lola

  2. Wow! Well done with the mousie. I wish I could show everyone what a great hunter I am but I never get the chance >~<

  3. We love the soulful Tommy pose.

    Yuu-Chan, Congrats on the mousie and Bibi-Chan you are as cute as ever sleeping.

  4. Very, very impressive! I have never even SEEN a real mousie!

  5. I caught a mousie once in the basement, then I brought him upstairs and let him free. Mom was not very happy.

    Tom, that ear-flicked=back pose is so very manly!

    Bibi, I predict you will catch up to Yuu and surpass him size-wise.

  6. Yuu-Chan we are in awe of your mousie catching abilities. I've never caught a real one myself, only toy mousies.

    Pee Ess...we love our Grete very much. She loves me so much that she insists on taking the blame for anything I do...just to protect me. I'm her favorite.

    xoxo Cory

  7. You are way more manly than me. I screamed a little bit at the PICTURE of a mouse!

  8. Rat catchers are my heros and mouse-catchers qualify too. I have tried really hard to catch them, but to no avail.
    Sending lotsalicks to Tommy too. Looks like he's having enormous fun!

  9. Catching a mousie is fantastic! I promise Mom that I'm still looking.

  10. I have only seen a mousie in a pet store. So what are you going to do with it? Looks dead.... Oh, Beth just came in and told me all about what happened....GREAT JOB!

  11. Love the photos today, they are all very manly!

  12. Wow. That was an impressive thing you did Yuu-chan, on catching that mousie! Our manly(?) brother Kenji has never achieved such a thing!

    We love all the photos, especially Tom's ear flicked back! It takes a special kind of woofie ears to achieve that!
    Purrrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  13. Well done! You are a mighty hunter and I bow before you. I am far too skitish to consider hunting for real!

  14. Wot fabulously manly photos of yoo both.

  15. Good job on that mousie!

    Tommy looks so sweet with the dew dripping from his ears. #1 takes such wonderful photographs :)

  16. what ferocious mancats and manpup today! i am verreh impressed...!

  17. OMC, what a find! A real mousie! Great job!
    We miss you guys. Mom is working all the time for green papers, so has no time.
    Love that last shot of Tommy! Well, really we love all the shots of all of you!

  18. congratulations yuu-chan
    it is indeed very important for a fine young man cat such as yourself to mark his coming of age with a first kill. may your eyes be keen and your pounce always be true.

    Kind Regards

  19. Yuu-Chan, ConCats on your first dedding! May there be many more.

    Mommy squeed over Tommy's curly chesty furs. Cute!

  20. Nice work with the mousie, Yuu-Chan! Especially impressive seeing as you are an indoor kitteh!

  21. Nice work catching that mouse!

  22. Greta work catching the mouse.. The photo's today are gorgeous.. Hugs GJ xx

  23. OMC a mousie?? Yoo is very well deservin of a throne! Very manly we think.


  24. BOL, oh Tommy are you trying to hide? Cute
    Benny & Lily

  25. That is a real mousie! That is amazing! Well done, well done indeed!
    I only have red and green and yellow and white mousies :-P


  26. Yuu-Chan! We are so impressed with your hunting skills!!! We've never caught a real live or dead mousie!!

  27. Love that last shot of Tommy - so many manly shots.

    Congrats, Yuu-Chan - awesome catch!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  28. Lovely pictures! And the cats really
    loved the first one, but the human
    said Eck! :)

  29. That's a whole lotta man for one post! Phew!

  30. Yuu-chan, you are definitely now a Made Cat. Good hunting!

  31. Way to go with the mousie Yuu-chan!

  32. You guys are just so photogenic...looking at your pictures makes our hearts sing (well, maybe not that first photo of the dead mousie...poor thing!). We like the throne shot and the find the Tommy shot...but they are all great!! And yes, I agree with Yu-chan that the best sleeping place is in the bed and under the covers (where I would always be if it was up to me!!...well, maybe eating and in bed...haha!). What a great life you guys have. How's the weather down there? Getting any warmer? Yesterday was nice here, but today is icky again. Grrr. Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  33. Good job catching the mouse. You never know what he could have been up to. Love the way your ears look all wet and shiny Tom.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  34. Warm congratulations Yuyu , what's a hunt!

    ViVi & AB


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