Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Gift and an Award!

It was cloudy this morning for the first time in a while. You could almost taste the rain in the air. #1 says it is a good thing because it will help things to grow. But now the sun has come out again! Maybe it will rain later.

We received a very fun package in the post yesterday!

It came from our dear friends Kaze, Latte and Chase over at The Cats P. We are eager to try it out and Tommy will probably get to go first. But #1 is a bit busy at the moment, so it may be a few days before you get to see any results. Thanks for the great gift!

We also were given this rather cute award by our newer friends Keiko, Kenji and Pricilla over at Kitty Trio.

We are supposed to list 5 things that make us happy. Since there are five of us, that's one each!

Tommy: Being with #1 all the time
Tama-Chan: Being Zoom-Groomed
Sei-Chan: Playing with the Laser Pointer toy
Yuu-Chan: Cuddling with #1
Bibi-Chan: Eating everything in sight

Thanks for the great award! We would like to pass it on to our friends at Cats P, Cat With A Garden, Tekorin the Neko, Huffle Mawson and Cat Tales.

And finally, since we didn't do a Tama-Chan Tuesday post this week, I thought you might like a photo of me...


  1. We always like to see pictures of you, Tama-Chan :) We can't wait to see the world from Tommy's point of view.

  2. Cat camera sounds like fun. Can't wait to see the video's. You sure do have the life of riley over there. Congrats on the award.

  3. Wooos Tama-Chan, basking in the sun... sigh.. so nice. We look forward to seeing what the camera picks up with Tommy! That should be fun!
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  4. We love that picture of Tama-Chan with the shadow of the netting making a pattern on her furs - she looks very exotic (sorry more exotic than usual!!)
    Looking forward to seeing the new pictures with the clip-on camera.

  5. It will be interesting to see what Tommy 'snaps" when wearing the camera.

  6. That will be very interesting!

  7. We expect some photos of the tall grass from Tommy's new camera!

  8. You look very serene and romantic in the shadows Tama. We are also waiting to see what Tommy can catch with his camera.

    Thanks for the award #1 and all

    san and the amigos

  9. What an awesome gift!!! I wonder what all you will see on that camera!

  10. What a fun gift you got! Lucky you! And congratulations on your award. The Woman has a question. Siamese are friendly but are definitely one person cats. She has always thought of abbys as loving everyone and she is wondering if this true (in general)

  11. oh Bibi, you were trying to touch Baby Audrey through the screen? do you have a little crush on her maybe? let us know how this camera is, i have wanted one forever but my mommeh is not sure what to get!

  12. Tell Tommy that he had better take lots of photos of you!

  13. We have been thinking about getting that camera, but I do not think I would take very interesting pictures from around the house. I cannot wait to see your pictures!

  14. We love that pet camera ~ will we get to see a cat's eye view of the run?

  15. You are all very different, huh. Lots of things in life to enjoy, right? I am looking forward to the cat cam.


  16. Great pic, Tama-Chan. And that camera looks so cool - we can't wait to see what the pics look like. Maybe we can see Tommy catching a frisbee:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. Beautiful picture as always, Tama-Chan. We can hardly wait to see the images from the new pet-camera! :)

  18. Congrats on the award!

    And we can't wait to see the pictures you get with that camera - it is going to be very interesting, that is for sure!!

  19. You guys are so lucky to get that camera... looks like it will be fun.

  20. I khan't wait to see the treasures Tommy takes!

    I have several blog pals with them - they get some khool pikhs!

    KhonKhats on the award!

    Khyra & Khousine Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I usually perch on the edge of the sofa fur faster take off to those I see enter the house! Mom did move the pillows after the shot so I have more room to pose!

  21. We're looking forward to a Tommy's-eye view of your slice of the world...don't forget to go to a good restaurant!
    Tama-Chan, you are Miss sleek-n-elegant in yout sky hammock.

  22. Congratulations on your award. And #1 is right, rain makes things green and grow
    Benny & Lily

  23. Pet's eye view camera!
    What a fun it will be!!
    Looking forward to see your eye views!!

    Cngratulations of your cute award and thank you so much for thinking of us!!
    We are so happy to have this "Happy Cat" award!!!

    Tama-chan,what a stylish kitty you are!
    We wish we could have those cool hexagon marks!!

  24. That camera is going to be so much fun!!!! We can hardly wait to see the pictures.

  25. Thank you for giving this beautiful awardie to us although we've been terrible furriends. Mom has some issues going on and regularly is too exhausted to help us blog or comment. Back to lurking, what a shame! We hope to be back soon.
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

    P.S.: All the best for Bibi's snippy surgery tomorrow!

  26. Oh wow, thanks for sharing this award with me, and congratulations to you on winning it too!


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