Monday 28 November 2022

Manly Monday


Benny: #1 has been working on getting some nice pics of me and I think she has done rather well. See for yourselves!

And here is one taken by Mr. G after he told me a good joke!

Momo-Chan: Mr. G took some nice pics of me too!

Ollie: And me, and me!

#1 has still not visited the horses, so here is an archive shot of The Big V, from when he was darker. It was taken in 2015.

We wish you all a good week!

PS: For all our friends who commented on the little boy in the Australian python story, this is an update posted by his mother on Facebook: "Thank you all for your words of support . There’s a few too many to get back to everyone individually 
😅. But we appreciate all of the love 💕. The media attention has been a little nuts 🤣but Beau's back to his cheeky self and doesn’t seem too affected by the whole ordeal … kids are tough !


  1. that are super sweet photos... it will be a super week ;O)

  2. its us da nelly and da phenny, we have a computer problem, we are blocked everywhere... wt...f...

  3. They are all lovely photos. Vidock looks very different while he still had his darker coat.

  4. What a nice collection of manly - and as NAK would say - tasty shots!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Ollie!

  5. B e a u says he is happy that the boy named b e a u is okay and he would not want to see a python in his pool. All the photos are really good and it makes us happy to see that you're all happy

  6. You boys are all looking great! It's not easy taking pictures of a black animal but your pictures look great, Benny. We're glad to hear that the little boys is doing well.

  7. You boys all look amazing, such terrific photos! I'm glad all is well with the little snake charmer.


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