Sunday, 13 November 2022

Horsey Snuggles on Sunday


Heloise: #1 said I should host today as she exceptionally managed to get nice pics of all of us snuggling with her. I shall of course start off with myself:

Next is my sis, Violette:

We decided to leave The Big V till last as he is always hogging #1's for snuggles.

We wish you all a very snuggly Sunday! #1 comes home tomorrow. Hurrah!


  1. You did a super job of handling the blog post today and all three selfies are really good and I know you'll be glad when she gets home and she'll be proud that you did such a good job on your blog

  2. What great selfies!!!
    You all look so happy...good looking too !
    Purrs, Julie

  3. Horses give extra special hugs of their own. Sometimes a bit too eagerly, but nice none the less.

  4. Those are all great snuggle pictures of the biggest members of the Poupounette family with #1.

  5. Those happiest snuggles made us smile big time!

  6. Those are some of the best snuggles ever!


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