Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Wednesday Whinnies With Violette

Violette: Pretty neighs, everyone! I have had the most exciting few days and want to share it all with you!

A few days ago, #1 and the nice Ms. C brought me out of my field and gave me serious brushies before introducing me to this:

She said it's caled "shafts." She then showed me what that was all about. To be honest, it was quite funny!

I watched her closely as she pulled that thing along. I then got my treat bucket and went back to my field. Then, #1 came again on Monday afternoon, and they dressed me up and showed me something a little different:

And then, they attached me to it!!!

At first, Ms. C walked by me as I pulled it:

That was pretty easy! And then she climbed on board!

Then we went out onto the lane:

Ms. C said I was a real star! After a while, #1 climbed aboard too and we headed back home!

I had a great time1 And I got an extra special treat bucket at the end! #1 told me she was really proud of me, and Ms. C kept telling me that I was a beautiful and clever girl!
Apparently, it's called "driving."


  1. We always believed that you were a clever girl and you are beautiful!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. Oh splendid job Violette! You are such an amazing girl. We’re so proud of you! Not only are you beautiful and sweet but smart and cooperative.
    That Ms.C is quite the lady, isn’t she!

  3. That is so cool, Violette! Great job!

  4. Oh well done, Violette! You're so clever! 💖

  5. You sure got the hang of that so quickly pretty Violette, ya done good girl!

  6. Violette! You ARE great! And you look terrific too!

  7. Violette, I watched your video on Facebook! You have the tools and the talent!

  8. Violette, that looks like a lot of fun. We want to come visit you and go driving too:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. Amazing, Violette ! We're so proud of you ! You did great ! Purrs

  10. You did so good, Violette...and you really enjoyed yourself too!

  11. Bravo Violette... I love that a human pulled it furst... you only had to jump on board to get a free ride the vice versa way LOL

  12. You are doing a great job with your lessons Violette.

  13. Violette .... vous faites chacune votre tour avec cette humaine ? Ca serait rigolo.
    Tu as fait une jolie balade.

  14. You are clever and a very good girl, Violette. You are a fast learner.


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