Saturday, 21 April 2018

Rainbow SEIturday

Rainbow Sei: If you don't mind, it will be just me today. You see, #1 collected me from Dr. C's office a few days ago, so I am back home with my family. She has placed me in my very favourite spot, in the beddie under the skylight in the study. That beddie has a direct view on #1 as she works at her best.  For now, I am in the regular urn. #1 says she wants to take her time to find something special for me. Right next to the urn, #1 has put a beautiful photo of me, taken by our photographer friend, Hiroaki Ota, when he visited us from Japan last year. When #1 asked him for a high-res version of the photo, he said he would have an enlargement made and send it, and he did it and sent it to us. It is beautiful and it sits so well in the beddie that #1 says it looks like I am sitting there!

I will be back with our regular Souvenir Saturday programming next week! Keep well, Dear Friends.


  1. That is a wonderful and totally purrfect spot for you sweet Angel.

  2. What a lovely post about your home coming. We had to do a double take to see that it was a picture of you in the bed because it does look like you are laying in it.

  3. Bonjour bel Ange.
    Ta #2 a trouvé l'endroit parfait pour ce qui reste de ton corps physique.
    Etre près d'elle c'est important.
    La photo donne un effet incroyable. On dirait vraiment que tu es couchée là dans le couffin.
    A bientôt petit Ange.
    Hisia et Natacha

  4. That photo is beautiful and really does look like you are lying there. That is the perfect final resting place for you.

  5. What a beautiful photo! <3

  6. Oh dear Sei, it’s not the same without you.
    We are comforted knowing your mortal remains are back at Poupounette Central where you were so loved. Your spirit is now part of the greater universe and will always be present during those sad, trying , lonly times to offer #1 your love and support. When she looks up at the sky, we’re sure she will know which shining light is yours.We hope you and your beloved Yuu are romping through the heavens spreading joy and love.
    We miss you so much.

  7. You look like a dream in that photo, Sei-Chan. We know your presence so close to #1 will bring her great comfort.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. Beautiful souvenir spot. The photo is so real ! Purrs

  9. Gosh! The photo is stunning darling.
    Mes shall has to asks that Mommy woud do something special for mes...
    Nellie Bellie


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