Saturday, 24 June 2017

Savage SEIturday!

Sei-Chan: HeeHeehee... Did that title worry you? I didn't really mean it but you know how I have a bit of a reputation as being a scaredy cat? Well, yes... I am cautious and don't hang around too long if there is trouble brewing. But, believe me, I do know how to stand up for myself, and I have proof! #1 managed to catch this shot of me as I was being bothered by a certain unnamed blue boy:

Enough said, right? Except that I did also want to draw your attention to the Beebsy half-brother of mine. Talk about looking all innocent!!!

In other news, I am glad to announce that the heatwave has broken somewhat. It is still warm but nothing as warm as it was. We can all breathe!

Here is a nice sunpuddly shot of me:

And another:

With my new toy from Japan:

Ever since it got hot, I have taken to hanging out in this location. It is a little bit cool:

 Have a great SEIturday, everyone!


  1. Guys, Here is HOT too !
    My tip, On the ground is the coolest =^x^=

    Have a purrfect weekend

  2. Happy Seiturday! I hope the weekend is a nice one!

  3. Hot here too, and I am already wishing for Fall. BUT that wishes our lives away so I think I will try to enjoy the hots!

  4. We're sure glad some cool found you! Hey, those sunny photos sure are terrific!

  5. You tell him, Sei! You may not like to be ferocious but that doesn't mean you can't be if the need arises, right?
    Thank goodness for whatever bit of cool we can find.
    Marvelous sunpuddle shot ! The play of the shadows is just wonderful. Having such a beautiful subject certainly helps too. Stay cool dear ones.

  6. Good to hear the heat has moderated a bit :)
    You know how to stand your ground Sei. It's important to make sure that little boy knows it too ;)
    WE like your napping spots.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  7. We're still "enjoying" the heatwave, but we're glad it's a little bit cooler for you. Purrs

  8. Good for you, Sei-Chan - one has to keep the brothers in tow sometimes. So Misty claims:)

    Glad you are getting a break in the heat, same here as we have had two very nice days.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  9. We're glad to hear it has cooled off for you. You tell those boys not to mess with you too.

  10. Wow, Sei! That's one mighty paw of doom!

  11. Give Genji a whap or two. Glad it cooled off for you.


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