Monday, 14 March 2016

Manly Monday

Genji; It's me, Genji! I am kicking off today's post because I have some great photos to share with you. Yesterday afternoon, #1 was trying to put some order in the various boxes that contain our toy and treat stashes. I was there and I picked a toy, so #1 let me have it, and she then played with me! It is the coolest toy!

There is a sparkly wand and then a huge feather boa!

 #1 did try and take some real action shots but they were too blurry as I was moving so fast!

I had so much fun and #1 seemed so pleased to see me having all that fun!

Da Beebs: As elder brother, it is my duty to look dignified and wise...

And to show off my magnificent frootbats!

Tommy: The weather has been nice and #1 and I have been out and about. And as I haven't been limping, she gave me a new ball!

Can you see me smile?

 Vidock: My vacation is coming to an end and I have been thinking about the start of classes.

Here is #1 telling me that I have to be a good boy!

Da Trav: Peek-a-boo, everyone!

 Have a great week, friends!


  1. Genji, that looks like a fun toy! Have fun.
    Great frootbats Bibi and pawsome flying ears Tommy.
    Vidock,are you going to be good? MOL!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. Genji, I am so happy to see you having fun and enjoying yourself!

  3. It looks as though you were having great fun Genji. Glad to hear your paw is feeling better and your new ball looks just like a rugby one. Peek-a-boo back to you Da Trav.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. That wand looks like fun
    Lily & Edward

  5. All you men are looking so handsome and manly today!

  6. Good morrow gentlecats and dogs:

    You are all looking fab! Hope you guys are having a really great Monday!

    MomKatt sends pets!


  7. It's so wonderful to see you having fun, Gen-Chan! And yay for Tommy for the new ball :-)
    Have a wonderful week, efurryone!

  8. Y'all look most wonderful and it's nice to see you having fun Genji! Howdy Trav!!!

  9. Boys, you all look beautiful ! We're glad to see you playing and moving so fast, Genji ! Pawsome frootbats, Da Beebs ! That new ball is terrific, Tommy, it looks like a lot of fun ! Oh, is it the exact spot of your "Be-A-Good-Boy" button, Vidock ? Peek-a-boo, we can see you, Trav ! Purrs

  10. It's lovely to see you having so much fun, Genji.

  11. Oh everyone, what a joy to see you. Genji, it is so pleasing to see you all well again. xoxo

  12. Great photos everyone! Genji, that looks like a super fun toy! Bibi, you are an awesome frootbat, just like us (hmm, autocorrect wants to change that to frostbit - silly autocorrect).

  13. Good to see you Trav. Peek a boo to you too. Sure is good to see Genji having such a good time. Great pictures.

  14. Just love that Tommy smile, and Da Beebs froot bats, and Da Genj's friskiness, and Vidock's listening(?), and of course that sweet face of Da Trav.

  15. Oh Genji! Yous is so furry cute and yous knows how to rock that feather wand!
    And such wonderful Manliness!

  16. How nice to see De Trav. That new toy and ball look like fun. Please tell your Mum to email me to let me know about shipping the auction item she won.

  17. GENJI! Way ta GO dood!!!
    You totally dominated that wand toy!

    And uh, Mr V - you ARE being good, right? ;-)

  18. C'est incroyable quand même. A force d'avoir une humaine toujours en retard, on en a oublié de venir vous voir Genji, toi et ton truc en plumes. Il a l'air super bien ce truc. Ca nous manque un jouet emplumé !
    Bibi tu es impressionnant de dignité.
    Ronrons les garçons.


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