Thursday, 25 February 2016

Thankful Thursday

Da Beebs: Today is Thursday and we turn once again to the things we are thankful for. I for one, am thankful to have my little playmate back, so we can play THoE around the house again! Da Genj had his weekly weigh-in yesterday evening and he came in at 3.6 kilos. That is 100 grammes more than a week ago! Dr. C had told #1 that the ideal would be for Da Genj to gain 100 grammes a week, and we are right on target so far! We are very proud of him! Here he is, waiting for one of his meals of baked chicken:

And here is a cute pic of him having a nap on #1's bed:

I of course am just as cute, and I know everyone is thankful for that!



  1. And as usual, you are right Da Beebs!We are also very glad Da Genj is back.

  2. We are so pleased Genji is weighing more and is eating well. Da Beebs we bet you are pleased to have your playmate back feeling better and eating well.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. We are happy to hear Genji is gaining weight and full of play.
    Now you two can continue your play together :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. I am SO happy to hear your blue boy is continuing to recover! I was so worried about him.

  5. It's great, Gen-Chan! Keep on gaining weight!
    The photo of you napping on #1's bed is so cute :-)
    Have a wonderful day xoxo

  6. I am thankful WITH all of you because I and mommy too, were BERY worried about da Gen-Chan.

  7. You have lots to be thankful for friends
    Lily & Edward

  8. we are so glad Genji is on the road to recovery

  9. It's such fantastic news regarding Da Genj! Don't you agree, Da Beebs? There's a lot to be thankful for...that's for sure! It was great that so many people were "pulling" for Genji. There's strength in numbers. It's all good! Everybody enjoy this thankful Thursday!

  10. You both look so cute ! We're glad for Genji ! Purrs

  11. Every time we hear an update on Da Geng, it is even better. We are so very thankful for that too. You are both very adorable boys.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. Da Genj Is looking wonderful! We love the first photo of him. His furs look so marvelously blue!
    I'm sure he's as happy to be back playing with you dear Beebs, as you are to have your baby bro back.
    Kisses to you both.

  13. I am glad Genji continues to do well and is putting weight on.

  14. Excellent report and we are thankful that Genji is doing so well, too!

  15. Beebs! Both yous and Genji is the cutest! So thanks for sharing your beauteousness just for mes!! Mes knows yous took them for Moi!

  16. Bonjour les garçons,
    Tu as raison Bibi, c'est vrai que même si on se chamaille de temps en temps, ça fait du bien de retrouver tous les membres de sa famille en bonne santée.
    Genji ici on est vraiment super contente que tu ailles vraiment mieux. 100 gr de plus en une semaine c'est impressionnant. Tu as vraiment de l'appétit. Continues un peu comme ça. Il faut retrouver ton poids de forme avant l'été.
    Plein de ronrons


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