Sunday 22 February 2015

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Another Sunday, another set of Snuggles, right? Each week, #1 wonders if there will be an adequate supply of pictures and we always come through for her, even if we are not all there every week.

Of course, I personally snuggle with Tommy every week... Here I am, getting ready to move in, and puring loud enough to be heard from the other side of the house:

Sei-Chan of course, is also always snuggling with Tommy. Yesterday, #1 saw Tommy sitting on his downstairs (living room) bed, and then she noticed someone else was just behind him:

And of course, everyone gets all misty-eyed when they see how Tommy puts his paw protectively around shy Miss Sei:

Here she is having a little snuggle with #1:

There is nothing shy about my Beebs snuggling with #1. In fact, the photo would be less blurry if he didn't constantly snuggle and jog #1's selfie arm!

 Here are Da Boys snuggling with #1, or should that be "sandwiching #1," in bed in the morning:

And kind of a cute one of The Big V making advances to Diddle, the Cane Corso woofie over at the boarding facility:

And getting a little snuggle from #1:

No snuggle pics of sweet Violette this week, but we'll make sure we have some for next week!


  1. Snuggle pictures are the best on Sunday's.

  2. Looking at those snuggles makes mes warm and snuggly all over! And mes LOVES the one with Big V and Diddle!

  3. Le face à face cheval chien ... ils m'ont l'air d'un sérieux les deux "ptits" mecs ...
    Et que de tendresse sous cette patte posée sur Sei Chan.
    Et quel plaisir que ces coups de tête spécialité abyssine...
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  4. That is a very sweet picture of Tommy with his paw around Sei.

  5. A day without snuggles at The Pouponette is an impossibility!!!

    Happy Snuggling.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Snuggletastic pics!! We love to see everyone warm, cozy and happy chez vous! Purrs and tail wags from your pals up north!

    Elioth, Chouchou, Ellwood & Ginger

  7. Thats a bunch of snuggling! We kittehz think it's a purrfect way to spend Sunday (or any other day).


  8. We're so glad you all pitched in for the weekly allotment of snuggles!

  9. perfect pictures. really love them all, awesome work Lost and found


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