Monday, 23 February 2015

Manly Monday

Tommy: The rain is back but we had a pretty nice weekend, especially yesterday, and #1 and I took full advantage of it. Plus I got a new orange ball to try out!

Again, #1!

Sometimes, all that running around makes me pretty warm and I have to cool off in a puddle!

Da Beebs: The only puddles I like to sit in are sunpuddles!

I also like napping in one of the sky hammocks:

And here is my latest 4-paw dangle!

Genji: Here I am looking pensive and rather romantic...

Or just zonked out from sitting on the warm radiator...

And here I am looking sweet on my blue blankie:

Last but not least, how about "Sleepy Boy in Sunpuddle"?


 Vidock: Neighs, EveryFriend! Sometimes I think it might be nice to be indoors and bask in sunpuddles, but then again, there is the great pleasure of a good roll in the mud to consider... That makes me want to sing!

Wachathink? Do I have a potential career as an opera star?

It's good to dream...

 Have a great start of the week, Friends!


  1. You all seem to be having such a good time!

  2. We agree that sunpuddles are pawsome for snoozing.
    A romp in mud and puddles sounds interesting though.
    Vidock, we bet you sing well!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. A romp in mud sounds interesting. Even a romp in a puddle. But not for us. We prefer sun puddles like the Beebs and Genji.

  4. Cats are so much smarter than dogs. Sun puddles are always to be preferred over real puddles.

  5. What pawsome pictures of the gang. We hope everyone has a wonderful week.

  6. Love the pictures of you all: playing, napping ... Have a nice week, purrs!

  7. Lovely manly pictures as alway´s !
    YES I think you would be a grreat opera star , Vidock !!

    Happy Monday :)


  8. Mud Puddles and Sun Puddles! What a example of contrasts! But whatever your preference, yous is all the manliest!
    And mes LOVES the dangles!!!!

  9. That sun must feel so good after rain. We got rain here too
    Lily & Edward

  10. Is a good roll in the mud for you like a good roll in the dust, or in a sun puddle for us kitties, Vidock ? Have all a good week !

  11. Every man to himself - you each have your unique ways of enjoying life!!! Lightning would love to join Tommy in that puddle:)

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  12. Us kittens here would love to roll in the mud, too! Alas, the Mommy won't hear of it.

    You all look great this Manly Monday!

  13. Horses and dogs! You both like to see how muddy you can get. It's a good job that us cats like to keep clean.

  14. Hey Tommy can we come over and play? The snow is getting too deep for us to play in our yard.

  15. Y'all look terrific and it's so nice to see you having a fun run Tommy!

  16. Luciano Vidock-oratti! Mememememe!

  17. Vidock and Tommy, #1 will have to get out the GIANT sponges and towels for you two!

    Thank goodness Da Beebs and Genji are more fastidious.

  18. Tu te roules dans la boue Vidock ? Beurk. Nat à Chat elle dit que sa jument elle a toujours préféré l'herbe ou le sable ou la terre bien sèche.
    Moi aussi j'aime bien me rouler dans l'herbe ou un endroit... bien sec.
    Genji serais tu du genre à te faire cuir ? Ca te donne un air un peu rêveur, tout doux. Tu devrais dire à Bibi de faire pareil. Sur la première photo il fait peur ....


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