Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Wonderful Wednesday!

Genji: Why wonderful, you ask? Well, remember our friends from Kissabull who were desperately trying to raise enough funds to save their new house from foreclosure? Well, they did it and the Pibble House has been saved! They sold almost everything they still owned, and friends from all over pitched in to help, and we are just so thrilled for them, and keeping our paws crossed that it will be smoother sailing from now on. We are very, very proud of our global blogging community!

In other news, I have been doing a wonderful job helping my bro Tommy protect and manage his large collection of balls:

Of course that one is a most excellent colour for me, don't you agree?

Tommy has a hard enough job managing his balls as it is...

It has been very misty, almost foggy, in the mornings, and the spiders have been hard at work in the fields. #1 photographed this rather lovely work of art yesterday:

And finally, here is a question for you: do any of you know what this flower is?

#1 has been pouring over field guides and can't find it anywhere!


  1. We've had lovely misty, foggy mornings here too yesterday and today! Murray loves them as Halloween approaches ....

    Sorry, we don't know the name of that flower, but we'll keep looking at our gardening books here and see if we can find it!

    Tommy, you look just as tired as Clive this morning!

    take care
    Clive & Co

  2. Gracie has a hard time keeping up with her Sparkle-y balls, too, Tommy. In fac, we've not seen hide nor hair of them in more than a week!

    Sorry. We're no help on the flowers. Clueless is what we are!

    Have a lovely day, everybuddy!

  3. We've never seen that flower before so we can't help you. We're sure Tom is very grateful to you Genji for assisting him with his balls!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Mom will go thru her handbooks here shortly and see if she can. If you have an iPod or iPhone, there is an Audubon App that has wildflowers..too many to count.

  5. What a lot of balls Tommy has. He must have his work cut out for him.

    beautiful picture of the web on the plant.

    We think that flower maybe a wild garlic seedhead. If you pick it and crush it with your fingers it should smell of garlic.

  6. Kudos to the Paw relations! We were just about to post to say that we had finally identified the flower as Crow Garlic (Allium Vineale). #1 detests garlic so she won't be doing any crushing experiments!

  7. That is such wonderful news on saving your friend's house., We are so very happy for then, /they now have a chance at a clean start in life.

  8. I don't know what flower it is, but it is very beautiful!


  9. Tommy, that's a lot of work, good thing you have Genji to help you!

  10. glad the house is safe.

    good job protecting the toys!!

  11. Out Ande has trouble keeping track of her balls too. She is always losing them in the tall grass.
    Glad those people got all that help and were able to save their house.
    That flower looks a little like a thistle weed that we have here. But we are not sure. Have a great day.

  12. Good job ball-watching/guarding, Genji.

    Spider webs are really amazing, especially with dew on them.

  13. That color is most complimentary, Genji! Tell #1 her pics are beautiful and we very much enjoy them. Have a great day. xoxo

    Pee Ess - our Mom used to have sum horses that would eat our garlic!

  14. That's great news about the Kissabull clan and their house. It's nice to see a happy ending for them.

  15. Tennis balls around here frequently wind up under the bed, but luckily for the dog here, Boodie bats them out!

    My human is embarrassingly ignorant about IDing flowers - she did not know what a hibiscus looked like, and we have jillions of them here!

  16. Good heavens, how many balls does Tommy have that he has to have help keeping track of them? MOL

  17. The blue complements your skin very well Genji. You are a very helpful kitteh to help your brother keep track of things. Here, the balls go any which way and keep disappearing.

  18. Genji, it is very fortunate you are good at keeping track of things! Tommy must find you very helpful :)

    The spider web looks like a child's string game dropped on a flower. Pretty and intricate :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  19. The mom suspected it to be a garlic flower & found this picture:

    Those spider webs are so beautiful, except when they build them across the front door at night.

  20. Great shots and my hairy slobbery sister is in awe of Tommy's ball collection!
    We too think it is a garlic flower (We grows lots and lots of garlic) and here is another picture


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