Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Tama-Chan's Toesday

Now that I don't have a bunch of kits after me all of the time, I can devote much more of my attention to looking utterly beautiful. Needless to say, with the warmer weather approaching, it is most important to have absolutely beautiful toes!

The weather has been fairly stinky overall, but we did have some sunshine yesterday so I got to go out in the run for a while:

Otherwise, I like to sit by the window in #1's study, and admire the birds. At the moment, we have lots and lots of European goldfinches at the feeder

When I need to do some acrobatics, I love to leap up on to the beam that hangs over our entrance hall:

And guess what? Today, we got an email from my little daughter, Hime-Chan, with a photo. She's beginning to look quite grown-up, isn't she?

Finally for today, we would like to invite our friends who are not familiar with doggy blogs to go and check out our friend MAXDOG's blog and read about the amazing portrait of him by Kathleen Coy that was commissioned by his blogging pals all over the world. It is a wonderful story.


  1. The painting turned out wonderful. Such a big smile on Maxdog's face.
    Hime looks great, Tama - just like the mommy.

  2. Tama we are waiting sunny days with you!
    Not fun to watch birds behind the windows...
    We love Tom outside pictures!!

    Vivi & AB

  3. You have beautiful down to an art.


  4. Oh my goodness! Hime Chan has grown so big. She certainly takes after her mama in the beauty stakes:)

  5. Tama-Chan, you are always a figure of beauty!!

  6. How come your kitties never look disheavelled?! :)

    I'm also popping by to say a big THANK YOU for your contribution to this incredible gift of MAXDOG's portrait! It is quite amazing and pretty awesome! I'm still in the 'Clouds'! Thank you! ...and I believe you did a lot of organising too...thank you so much!

  7. Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. I didn't know about Maxdog, being new out here. I followed your links and have learned about him and the painting. What a story. How wonderful that so many cared enough to do a thing like that. I hope he beats all the odds and that the Rainbow Bridge has to wait a long time before he gets there.

  8. Tama-Chan, you are looking beautiful as ever, and you already have your girlish figure back!

  9. Tama-Chan, you're as statuesque as ever. Kittening seems to agree with you and your daughter certainly takes after you :).
    ~Lisa Co9T

  10. How wonderful to get an update from your beautiful daughter! We will go visit Maxdog now.

  11. Wooooooo1 purfect toes are important! i love that picture. We loved helping Max and his mom out with love.
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira the BeaWootiful

  12. You're sure giving those toes a good clean!

  13. Tama-Chan we know you are glad to be free to sniff all the fresh airs again after being such a busy and doting Mama-Chan! And how marvelous to can an update on Hime-Chan!

    The story of Maxdog was fabulous and made Mom get all teary-eyed!

  14. Tama Chan, we love that you are giving yourself a pedicure. You must be enjoying your free time now that the kits are grown and (mostly) gone to new homes. We are going to visit MaxDog now. xoxo

  15. You are taking excellent care of your toes!

  16. aww, hime-chan is so pretty and cute! growing up so nicely! i love the verreh first picture of you, Tama, it is absolutely fantastic.

  17. Thanks for telling us about Max's picture - we have been over to see it and think it is beautiful. We see that you are taking over the computer Tama-Chan to keep in contact with your daughter - have you been getting lessons from #1.

  18. Cute pictures today! Love the tosies ;o)
    Now we want to check out the Maxdog blog.
    Luna, Luzie and Olli

  19. We really like the high beam that you kitties can hang out on. We don't have anything that high at our place.

    You look lovely as always, Tama-chan, and we're so impressed with how nicely Hime-chan is growing up. Of course, with you as her momma, how could she be anything but beautiful?

    Charlemagne and Tamar

  20. Tama, the first pic shows you to be quite the contortioniste.

    Himi looks great! And Kathleen's portrait of Max is spectacular!

  21. Purry nice pikhs!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    As fur the weather, I'm khurrently sitting outside in wet grass and rain - evFURRYtime Mom brings me in, I khommand to go bakhk out - she's given up!

    Thanks fur sharing Max!

    PeeEssWoo: HI Tommy!

  22. Hime-chan is very beautiful. She certainly takes after her mother :)

    That is a lovely portrait of Maxdog!

  23. Hime-Chan is gorgerous!

    The Max Project was amazing - we were so honoured to be part of it all and Kat's painting is fantastic!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  24. Tama we think your toes are perfect! And we are glad that you are getting to spend at least a bit of time in the run. We hope the weather is better soon.

    Hime-Chan is growing into a beautiful young ladycat!

  25. Always make time for a paw-dicure.

  26. I love how in one of the photos it looks as if the key is hanging from your tail. You must be happy to hear about your daughter.

  27. I think Tuesday must be my favourite day of the week! Looking bootiful, my luv!

  28. Wow, your eyes in that second photo are just amazing.
    Love your toes to! :)


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