Thursday, 27 August 2009

Thursday Snooze-Fest!

Sei-Chan: It's grey and a bit rainy for the first time in weeks. #1 is working at home all day again which is something we love. So, we are spending a very relaxing day doing nothing more than snoozing and sending her good vibes so she can get her work done quickly!

I personally am a real fan of "hanging loose"

although I thought I also looked rather fetching against this piece of Indonesian Batik:

Tama-Chan, on the other hand, prefers more traditional sleeping positions:

and she likes to do the whole "Japanese Princess" thing...

I often relax with my Tommy who makes an awesome pillow!

In fact, he is seldom seen snoozing without me around!

Have a relaxing day, everyone!


  1. Good thing Mom is soon to leave fur work so I khan get bakhk to MY nap!

    The post made me sleepy!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  2. Rainy days are excellent for naps, especially when you have a snuggle buddy! We bet Tommy makes an excellent blanket of warmth, too!

  3. I love my naps, too. My cats will sleep on everything. My Persian is fond of wires from computers. Go figure. Your kitties look so cute I could just wake them up to kiss.

  4. Your mom has made some lovely snoozable places for you. Just looking at you makes me feel all warm and cozy inside!


    PS: I'm happy you don't have skunks in France!

  5. You were defying gravity there! Very cool:)

    Mum's favourite part of moving away from the tropics is that we are much more snuggly.

  6. You two are great snooze buddies, aren't you? I wonder if the blood goes to your head when you sleep upside down?

    I'm gonna 'port over to spend the day with you girls and Tommy-it's too bloomin' 'OT here for me.

  7. I think Tom makes the best pillow of all because he is soft and warm.

  8. You guys are making me sleepy! hee hee


  9. Sei-Chan, we wonder if you're going to slide right off the chair if you relax anymore in that head-down position? Meowmy is coveting that gorgeous piece of batik, which is really WRONG, she should be admiring how cute and snuggly all three of you are.

  10. Great snoozing photos!

    It was wet here all day too but I was out 'shopping' all day - just in and I'm a very tired dog! But at least all the back to school shopping is done!!

    Tommy - you look great in that last photo!

    Take care

  11. Looks like Tama-Chan needs a snoozing partner. I'll be right over!

  12. You all have the right snoozy idea! And there we are again with the just loves it!

  13. Don't mind if I do! I think that looks like a lovely idea.

  14. Brilliant photos! You all looked very relaxed.

  15. Oh those are great snooze pictures! They were very inspirational and made me quite sleepy - I may have to take a nap!

  16. That Tommy is something else - you two just really know how to cuddle. Love how Tama-Chan brings out the beauty in that batik.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  17. We think it is furry nice of you's doggy to cuddle wif you. Scout at our house lets Forrest snuggle wif him. Forrest is in ♥ wif Scout.

  18. How lucky you guys are that #1 was at home! Lounging is nice!!! We love doing that! It's been super hot here right now and we have 4 fires burning in Los Angeles-one about 5-6 miles away from us! Can you send us grey and rainy skies please!!!



  19. what great pics - we love love all of them

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  20. We don't like gray weather, but we love all the snoozing pics!


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