Tuesday 25 August 2009

Tama-Chan on Tuesday

Tama-Chan: As you know, we have been having a very busy time of it lately. One thing we would like to apologise for is slacking in our visits to our friends' blogs. We are hoping that things will now get back to normal and we will be a lot more present! Our friend, Ms.L left today, and #1 has quite a bit of work that requires her to stay home (Hurray!) and sit at the Mac.

Ever since, #1 got back from Canada, we have been meaning to share with you a few pages from a book she was given when she was there, but let's start with a photo of me!

That will set the scene for our book introduction. The work in question is called "French Cats Don't Get Fat" by one Henri de la Barbe (aka Henry Beard). Here is the cover:

The very elegant lady cat who is featured in this book looks suspiciously like me, although I do not recall giving any pawed permissions for my likeness to be used... Never mind. It is rather fun, and I shall paste a few excerpts from it for your viewing pleasure since there are regular comments on our blog about how sleek both Sei-Chan and I always look:


  1. How nice to be the star of this new book! I love the picture of you, your ears look especially cute today.

  2. You are such an elegant young lady. We like the picture of the kitty climbing the birdhouse! Hahaha!

  3. For sure Tama you are the model for this book.
    You have to receive royalties.

    ViVi & AB

  4. Wow Tama-chan, it must be tough being the inspiration to a book.


  5. Tama-Chan, I think you should demand payment for them using your likeness...

  6. Tank woo fur sharing BUT the book neglekhted to inkhlude any 'Tommmy's'

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  7. Wow how fab. That book looks great! It's probably great because you're in it.

  8. What a cool book! I think my sister Ginger needs to read it!

  9. Of course, you are the model for this book. I bet it was the pawparazzi sneaking around snapping sneaky pics of you. ;)


  10. TC, you get more beautiful everyday. I could write a whole book about how gorgeous you are!

  11. Tama you are beautiful. WE can see why you were chosen to be the "heroine" in the book. We haven't ever seen a cat climb a pole to get to the birdhouse.
    Ernie & Sasha

  12. What a good book! And it does look like you were the model for those pictures, Tama-chan!

  13. Wow the cat in the book really does look like you! I wonder if they saw your picture on your blog and were inspired!

  14. We always knew you guys were stars

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  15. Tama-chan, you are such a beauty!

  16. This is very neat! What a wonderful book. Our mom is horribly busy too and we hope better times are around the corner for you and for us.

  17. LOVE the picture of you, and oh my gosh , that kitty in the book DOES look like you!! Wow!

    Theodore and Sasha

  18. What a wonderful book!

    Hope you're collecting lots of royalties Tama-Chan!

    lots of woofs

  19. How great that you are featured in the story! Wish we could bigify your pics so we could read the words. Of course, you in real life are much prettier than the caricature.

    woos, the OP Pack

  20. That's a great picture of you, Tama-Chan, you look like a slightly annoyed aristocrat (or aristocat). And it sure looks like M de la Barbe was inspired by you for this drawings!


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