Saturday 15 August 2009

Sei-Chan's Sweltering Saturday

Sei-Chan: It's hot here today, over 30C which makes it 90F or higher. We don't often get that kind of temperature. Tommy and #1 ventured out to a Percheron Horse Fair as #1 was helping out at a stand for the French Percheron Horse Society, and rumour has it that Tommy actually got some ice cream. I wonder if she would take me next time?

Anyway, I too have been spending a lot of time outdoors, enjoying the cat run and learning how to climb. #1 says I am a really good climber and clever in that I come back down the way I went up, rung by rung,whereas Tama-Chan scoots up and then hurls herself back down.

I also like to lie in wait to pounce on my sister...

And just to sit and watch all that is going on:

The other day, #1 were visiting various blogs and I was very taken with Mango's blog! There was an orange ball being thrown repeatedly and I kept trying to catch it!

Of course, when I'm indoors, one of my favourite activities is hanging out with my Tommy:

Don't forget to join us on Sunday for some big-time snuggling. We were all in fine form this past week!


  1. I'm sure Mango will be khwite honoured woo wanted to help with the tormenting he had to endure!

    It is almost that warm here today - and when woo fakhtor in that nasty "H" word it makes it NON walkable fur me...Mom looks out fur me even though I'd still want to go!

    Tank woo fur sharing your Sweltering SaturdayKhaturday!

    PeeEssWoo: Way to go Tommy!!!

  2. Goodness, Sei-Chan! When did you get so long?

  3. Wish we had just a little bit of that sweltering heat here!! We're just in from checking on the tomatoes and the little man's mum is beginning to think she'll just have to make green tomatoe chutney and forget about ever having red tomatoes!

    You can sure stretch Sei-Chan! Very impressive!

    Take care

  4. Being able to climb up AND down those rungs is quite a feat!

  5. You are certainly growing up, Sei-chan. And what a great climber you are. We are sure you would do a much better job of getting that orange cuz/ball than Mango - he doesn't quite see the point of getting all excited about a silly ball.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  6. You look so adorable all stretched out in climbing mode!

  7. You are indeed stretching out, Sei-chan. And I sympathize with you on the heat. Ugh. I'm not a fan of hot weather at all.

    9 and Chani are doing quite well though. The tile floors in my parents' house keep their toes and bellies quite cool.


  8. Sei-Chan, you are lean and lovely! Mom wonders how in the world you all stay nice and lean while we all seem to be plumping up here! Gandalf's prescription foods are not helping! Dr. Dave said that cats on this formula have a tendency to gain weight. We think that means we have a good excuse now.

  9. Sei-Chan is getting so big. :D

    We featured you on today's blog!

  10. Sei Chan
    Its vewy hot hewe too.I wish I had a bootiful outdoow wun like you. It looks like you and Tama chan have so much fun thewe
    I'd love to see yoouw climbing and pouncing styles.
    Snuggle one fow me wif Tommy pleez
    smoochie kisses

  11. Look how long and lean you look when you are all stretch out!

  12. You have a very bright face, young lady. It doesn't surprise us to hear you are putting your smarts into practice in your run:)

  13. Hmm... maybe I should make a cat entertainment movie of my large self.

    That is way too hot! I hope Tommy's tongue doesn't get scary huge.


  14. the run looks like alot of fun - can we come play too - hope you had fun at the horse show - enjoy your lead

    Woodrow - Sweetie - Sherman


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