Sunday, 18 June 2017

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: All is right with our world again now that #1 is back home! It has been very hot and is supposed to go up all the way to 36°C (97F) this week. We are managing to stay cool with our fans (almost no one has AC here) and we are thankful that the ground floor of our house stays cool as it is built into a slope.

I have of course been snuggling with my Tommy:

And I have been getting my brushies from #1:

My Beebs has been all over #1:

As has Da Genj:

And Da two boys with #1 in the morning:

#1 didn't manage to get an actual shot of Sei-Chan snuggling with Tommy, but here is one of the two of them hanging out together in the sun:

Sei-Chan is a little hard to see as she is right in the sunpuddle!

#1 did have a little snuggle with Miss Héloise:

(the camera was on the "art" setting which explains the slightly odd colouration)

It's Sunday! Remember to have extra snuggles with the ones you love!


  1. We are flying back from the cat show in Phoenix today - maybe people will snuggle with me in the boarding area!

  2. That really is a happy bunch of snuggles especially since #1 is home!

  3. We know you all are so happy to be able to snuggle with #1 now that she is home from her long trip away.

  4. What a wonderful special snuggling day ! We're glad #1 arrived safe and is now home with you ! Purrs

  5. I am glad you have #1 back home with you again. I can see how happy you all are.That is a sweet photo of Héloise.

  6. Everyone looks well. Behaving as themselves, i hope. How were the sitters ?
    We'll have lots of photos of baby Heloise, please.

  7. I have had lots of snuggles with mum today.

  8. These are definitely some welcomed snuggles!

  9. Snuggles with friends are the bestest!


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