Friday, 23 June 2017

Family Friday

Tommy: We love it when the whole family is together at Poupounette Central, even when it's insufferably hot. I have been doing a lot of hanging out with my buddy, Da Beebs:

Da Beebs and Da Genj have been exchanging tips about how best to stay cool:

Mama Tama has been looking cute:

And also hanging with me:

 And Sei-Chan is busy supervising some photo archives of Percheron horses!

And before I leave you, we have a new photo of baby Joy in Japan with her mama. They are so cute together!



  1. please share the trick to stay cool with me... I feel like a hot dog... the mama made me a cooling blankie with a wet kitchen towel, but that helps only for some minutes...

  2. I hope you all manage to stay cool somehow!

  3. WE are happy to see that you all are taking it easy with all that heat you have :) Purrs you get relief soon.
    Joy and her mama are so cute!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. Joy and her mum! They' re the essence of grace and beauty. They both have those beautiful , soulful eyes.
    So lovely. Two captivating kitties. Love and good wishes to them. Thanks for photo.
    We wish we could send you some cool air. We hear there is something called a thermal dome over various parts of the world. Too awful!

  5. Wow, Baby Joy's mom is just a little thing! Those cool floor tiles will keep anyone cool. Great photos!

  6. Le soutien de la famille c'est important. Avoir trop chaud c'est plus supportable à plusieurs...
    Sei tu sembles avoir trouvé un endroit stratégique.

  7. Looks like you all are doing your best to keep cool.

  8. I know it's hot, but you are one cool family!

  9. We would love to know another trick to stay cool ! Baby Joy is adorable. Purrs

  10. Sure is fun to see all of you. Hope things cool off for you soon. Baby Joy is so cute. What a great picture.

  11. You all need to get some of the nice air we have here today. It is warm but the air is so much dryer. We were really hoping #1 was going to put that little Joy in her suitcase - what a doll!!!

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  12. It has been unbearably hot here also, but thankfully was cooler today. Baby Joy and her mama are very sweet.

  13. I sure hope you get some cooler temps. Our weather is nearly purrfect here. Warm enuf and not humid.


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