Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Wednesday Whinnies

Violette: Pretty neighs, Dear Friends! These are busy times for both of us! I have a very busy weekend coming up as I am taking part in the big parade in our town on Saturday, and then am stationed at our medieval castle on Saturday and Sunday afternoon, so that everyone can come and admire me! In anticipation, I have been taking it easy:

As it hasn't been that long since #1's shoulder dislocation accident, she decided that she would not ride me herself and so she asked her young friend, Mr. V, if he would. He was so pleased to say yes! He is a delightful and very handsome young man, and both #1 and I are thrilled!

You may remember that I have had ongoing lameness issues and that, sadly, has not changed. The parade won't be hard because it is all at a walk  and is on hard surfaces which are much easier for me. But out farrier came on Monday and he said it would help me even more if I had my shoes (front only) put on back to front. Can you believe that?

#1 took this rather nice picture of me when the farrier was there. The fog from the hot shoe made it very atmospheric! 

Vidock: I had a lot of fun a few days ago when my Lusitanian friend, 'Ti Iago, came back so we could work together. I never knew how much it could be to play work with another horse!

Yesterday morning, I went to see the amazing Dr. F , one of France's best veterinary osteopaths. #1 wanted me to have a tune-up as I have been doing lots of new stuff these past months, and she wanted to make sure there was no undue stress on my body. Dr. F checked me out very carefully:

And then he told # that, hard as he looked, he couldn't find a single thing wrong with me. I am apparently just perfect! Is anyone surprised?

Neeeeeighs from your studly buddy!


  1. How cool to check in with both of you! It does sound like you two have been very busy!

  2. Studly Buddy! You are a treat to see! And Violette, you gorgeous girl...what a joy to see you and know you are going to be in the parade. SO glad #1's shoulder is healing up well and that she is taking care of it.

  3. New shoes for the hit parade. Could I buy your old shoe?
    Love & Peas,
    Lily & Edward

  4. Violette... aren't you excited about being in the parade? Mr.V gets to ride you. Then you get to hang out and be social at the castle. The "coolest" thing of all is your new shoes! It seems like Vidock is doing well with his training and perfect score with the Osteopath. Maybe you could talk to him about that awful "nipping" at people! See if you can reason with him. Thanks Violette! Have a great Wednesday everyone!

  5. You're such a handsome boy, Vidock ! We're glad you're going to the parade with the nice Mr. V. And with new shoes, how cool ! Have fun ! Purrs

  6. Love hearing that great report about you, Vidock. That is awesome! And Violette, how we wish we could see you in the parade. Bet you will look so beautiful

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. Violette, we are sure you will have great fun with your handsome young rider :) Bet #1 will be proud of you too.
    Vidock, you look great running around.
    Good to know you are in purrfect health!

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. You two are always such a thrill to see and we love watching you have fun!

  9. What a wonderfully busy time yous two has been having! Mes sure that Violette will bes the belle of the festivities and it was so cool to sees Vidock working with Ti Iago!
    He sure is big. He makes Ti Iago looks like a pony.

  10. Purrfect Wednesday Whinnies!

  11. You both have been busy! We hope you have fun in the parade, Violette.

  12. Quelle "saleté" cette maladie naviculaire. Mais il faut faire avec hélas.
    C'et vrai que c'est plus prudent de la faire monter par quelqu'un d'autre. Avec le temps qui passe, les chûtes peuvent être très embêtantes.
    Nat à Chat

    PS : J'ai plus que sourit. On a tous le meilleur osteo. Ou plutôt il n'y a pas de meilleur osteo. Il y a des modes et certains qui conviennent mieux à certaines personnes/chevaux, et pas à d'autres.
    Googueliser donne parfois des résultats surprenants...


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