Sunday, 15 May 2016

Snuggles on Sunay

Tama-Chan: This week's snuggle prize goes to my son Da Beebs who has been having a particularly snuggly week. Let me present exhibiti 1:

Does that look like a happy boy to you? 

Here is exhibit 2:

And, for exhibit 3, we have undercover Beebs:

Now here is a rather unusual photo, of me getting a snuggle from my sister Sei-Chan:

Of course, in no time, Sei-Chan was snuggling with Tommy...

 Here is Da Genj going semi-undercover:

Here is #1 sharing a "carrot moment" with Violette:

And The Big V getting a cuddle from Ms. T, his fairy godmother, as his trainer, Mr. JP, prepares him for his lesson:

Wishing you all a Very Snuggly Sunday!


  1. You all look very blissful.

  2. Y'all always have the best and happiest snuggles!

  3. Happy Snuggly Sunday to all!!! It is chilly here today so Mom is begging us to snuggle with her too:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. Snuggles are the best :) Very cute photos.

  5. C'est vrai que Bibi a l'air tout à fait aux anges.
    Sei nous on pensait que tu ne faisais que des câlins à Tommy ou à ta #1. Nous on n'en fait pas entre nous. Jamais. Il parait que c'est dommage. Mais on s'aime quand même.
    Hisia et Loustiquette

  6. Most excellent cuddling all around! Mes lives to sees all the lives!
    Kisses to all
    Nellie Bellie
    PS Don't forgets to stop by my blog for my news and my comment-a-thon!

  7. Lots of great snuggles going on around your place with cats, dogs and horses. Love the pictures.

  8. Wonderful cuddles and snuggles all around!

  9. Da Beebs! You look so cute with your head on the pillow. Also your snuggle shot with #1's legs, lol. I even saw you with your sister. Of course, everyone loves to snuggle with Tommy. The two V's are getting attention as well. That's because it's snuggle Sunday!

  10. You all look very happy today. Of course you look happy most of the time too.

  11. You are all very good snugglers, but Da Beebs is a champion snuggler.

  12. I had lots of lovely snuggles with mum this morning too. She didn't take any pictures.

  13. Super snuggles this week! Da Beebs really knows how to snuggle. :)

  14. That's a lot of great snuggling ! Purrs


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