Saturday, 28 May 2016


Sei-Chan: Another week, another SEIturday. I have been enjoying my return to a more normal life now that I don't have to spend my days plotting how to escape from #1. I am continuing to take my meds like a good girl with my food, so all is calm! And I am always the first one to get fed in the morning, so I know I am special.

The weather has been weird but it finally seems to be getting warmer. There have been quite a few sunpuddles and I have always been there to enjoy them!

#1 got rather a fetching whisker shot of me!

And another of me at my ablutions:

Nice facial sunpuddle here:

And a full-body sunpuddle!

Now I can finally settle down for my nap on my zabuton:

 Have a great SEIurday, Dear Friends!


  1. Lovely photos of you today, Sei! I'm glad things are better for you.

  2. That's darn good news and those whiskers sure are impressive!

  3. Fabulous photos! We are glad that taking your meds in your food is working!

  4. C'est sure que tu as l'air beaucoup plus calme et sereine qu'il y a quelques jours.
    Si tu aimes ton médicament dans ta nourriture c'est aussi bien. Comme ça personne n'est stressé et tu le prends sagement. C'est important ce truc.
    Ta photo où tu fais ta toilette elle plait à mon humaine.
    Moi j'aime bien ton coussin spécial.

  5. Good girl, Sei-Chan. Keep taking that medicine and looking so pretty. Great whisker shot.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. It's always a delight to see you, sweet girl. We're so happy that the medication situation is comming along nicely. We want you to stay healthy as well as happy and beautiful. Hugs and kisses love.

  7. Hi Sei-Chan! Today the photographs are extra special! I am very impressed. It looks like you have plenty of sunpuddles now. I like all your poses. I'm also happy that you are taking your medicine in your food. It's much easier that way. I hope you and the clan enjoy your Memorial weekend. I'm finally going to get a full day off! Yipee! Happy Sei-turday!

  8. Mum is able to put meds in food as well and she likes that ;)
    You look lovely from your fabulous whiskers to your tail Sei :)
    Enjoy those sunbeams.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  9. Glad you keep taking the meds, Sei-Chan! Those are great photos of you. Facial sunpuddle must feel very nice :-)
    Have a wonderful weekend xoxo

  10. We're really glad you had some sunpuddles to enjoy, Sei.

  11. Those are great snuggle photos. I am happy to see Trav has a friend.

  12. We are glad that you are behaving for #1 Sei-Chan and are still taking your meds.


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