Saturday, 14 May 2016


Sei-Chan: I have to be upfront with all of you, Dear Friends. I have been a bit of  a naughty girl this week with #1 when it comes to taking my meds. I have given her the runaround in the most awful way. One day, she started trying to catch me when she got up at 7:30am and finally succeeded at 11:30pm...

This photo of me on the back of the sofa, getting ready to bolt, says it all:

In the end, #1 talked with our friend Fern, the animal communicator, who then talked to me and I promised to  try and be better about being caught. Let's see how the next few days go.

You heard that my Tommy has been lame with an ouchie on his hind paw? I told him that I would guard his favourite ball until his leg got better:

And now I think I need a little time relaxing on my "zabuton" because all this hard work is exhausting.



  1. Sei, I didn't know you were so good at avoiding meds! Apparently TOO good.

  2. Oh, Sei-Chan, you are such a naughty girl! Glad you finally, finally let #1 give you the med :-)
    Love your zabuton - you look very comfy there! Happy weekend!

  3. Meds are not that bad and it's actually easier if you don't fight it MOL! Purrs to Tommy, we hope the leg is better soon.

  4. You are in good company Sei.
    Our Treasure is also hard to catch when it comes to taking meds.
    All that running away does make a kitty tired.
    Sweet dreams :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. Sending healing purrs to Tommy. Sei, you really need to take your meds so you stay healthy!

  6. It's just no fun if the human doesn't have to work hard at medicating us. MOL!
    We hope Tommy's leg is better soon, too.

  7. You, a naughty girl ? We can barely believe it ! We send tons of healing purrs to Tommy. Purrs

  8. Oh no! Sei-Chan! You have to take your medicine. It's very important. It's not a game. You have to listen to #1, ok? It's very nice of you to take care of Tommy's ball. We love you Sei-Chan! Please take care!

  9. No more naughtiness, Sei-Chan. We want you to be well, and that means take your medicine!!! Ciara is pretty good about all the pills she has to take every day, but sometimes she decides to crunch the ham and cheese Mom hides it in and then she spits out the pills:( Start all over again.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Sei-Chan please be a good girl and take your meds as needed. We all want you to stay well.

  11. Oh, this is a NAUGHTY kind of naughty! We say "well done" but of course you NEED your medicine to stay well! Hope you keep your promise...

  12. Bonjour Sei,
    Je te comprends au sujet du médicament. C'est pénible de devoir prendre ces trucs.
    Mais il parait que je n'ai pas le droit de dire ça parce que c'est hyper important que tu le prennes.
    Alors c'est la vie, il faut le prendre. Courage.


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