Monday, 23 May 2016

Manly Monday

Da Beebs: This weekend was one of those times when we were grateful to be indoor kitties. It has rained, and rained, and then rained some more. #1 says that even Trav has been spending most of his time in one of his hay boxes at the back of the garage.

Fortuately, we had  some nice sunpuddles last week:

Da Genj: Copy on that!

Tommy: I of course always go with #1, wherever she travels. On Saturday, we had some nice horsey visitors from Australia. They wanted to visit our local chateau (the one where Violette was stationed a couple of weeks ago). I of course went along. We went up into the museum section and #1 forgot that woofies aren't allowed... Fortunately, there wasn't anyone else there:

And in the evening, we went for pizza!

We also had a brief session of Camp Tommy this weekend as Fernant's parents were away:

Vidock:Needless to say, the Australian ladies came to admire my studly self and were duly impressed. I showed them my moves:

And posed for them:

Da Trav: #1 put a photo of me on Facebook a couple of days ago and several people said how sad I looked, and even a little dirty. You mustn't worry about me, Friends. Yes, I am quite often a little dirty because I like to roll around in the dirt and the great outdoors is where I mostly hang out. But I am not sad. I have always lived rough and had to fend for myself. This is the best I have ever experienced. Now I am safe and always have a full tummy and a dry, comfortable place to sleep. I know I am loved.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. I hope the sun puddles return soon for you!

  2. We are getting a lot of rain this week.
    We like all the manly pictures today too :)
    Trav, you are lucky to have chosen the best place in France for
    your sanctuary :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. We bet ~1 has made somewhere dry for you to shelter when it rains Trav.

  4. ALL of you manly handsome ones are a sight to cheer. And Trav, it's your dark markings about your eyes that make you look sad. It is an optical illusion. People love you as do mom and I. But we haven;t seen you as anything but a happy fortunate and loved boy. xox

  5. We hope you weather improves and y'all have a fun week! Howdy Trav!

  6. Good to hear you are well, Sweet Trav =^x^=
    Happy Monday everyone

  7. We hope the rain stops and the sun puddles return. You do look a little sad, Trav, but we know you have a wonderful home.

  8. Vidock, I know you are a very happy boy! You love rolling around in the dirt, that's so cute :-) Happy Monday!

  9. Dirty and adorable. We know you are being taking car of now
    Lily & Edward

  10. We have had massive downpours here today, lots and lots of heavy downpours. We have a whole week of this to look forward to along with the threat of severe weather:( We are glad you all were able to bind some sunpuddles. And Tommy, that is such a nice place you got to go. We think Traveler just has that sad look on his face and it is what endears us to him so much.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. Oh Yous wonderful men!!! Mes wants to kiss each and everyone of yous!!! Even Fernant! mes hopes it warms up, dries out and yous can all have outside sun puddles soon!

  12. Sometimes you do make a sad face, dear Trav. We wonder, too, if you are well or if there is something that hurts that you can't tell us. But we know you get the finest care. Number one would never give you anything but the best!
    We are always thrilled to see you, dear.

  13. WOW, visitors all the way from Australia. How wonderful. You all put on quite a nice show for them to - posing just perfectly!

  14. You boys are all looking great today as always.

  15. Lots of great manliness today! We hope the sun returns soon.

  16. Hi guys! It's all about you, right Beebs? Sorry there has been so much rain. The felines could use more sunpuddles. I'm sure Tommy wants to play in the field more with Fernant. I like how Vidock's showing off. Of course, he's a STUD. I haven't forgotten Traveller. I really like that cat. He looks like he's been through an awful lot! It's those eyes. They tell a story. He looks like he needs a best friend. Thank goodness for #1! Hope the day was a good one for everybody!

  17. We hope sunshines come back to you very soon ! We're glad you found such a wonderful home, Trav : #1 knows that you need to be free, and provides you room and food to make you happy. Purrs

  18. Trav c'est la forme de tes yeux et le marquage au dessus qui te donnent un air triste. Moi je sais que tu vas bien. Et puis quand on a des poils blancs c'est facile de se salir. Mon copain Tikou parfois il arrive dans un état épouvantable !
    Le soleil il va bien finir par vraiment arriver, soyez patients. Nous on voudrait bien un peu de pluie. Ca ferait du bien au jardin. Arroser ce n'est pas pareil il parait.


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