Sunday, 10 April 2016

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Today's SoS post will once again focus on our snuggles with #1 as part of our support work to help her recover. I will start with myself as I help her when when she showers, just in case she needs help getting dressed:

It can be a slow process...

My Beebs, on the other hand, has been concentrating on massage, helping her regain feeling in that shoulder she dislocated:

It requires a lot of concentration:

Nurse Sei-Chan has been taking the afternoon shifts:

 Nurse Genji has, as usual, been doing multiple shifts:

And Tommy is always stationed right by #1's bed when she is in it, ready to give and receive support and cuddles!

Here is a quick one of #1 giving Violette a cuddle, taken by one of our Japanese friends:

 And a rather unusual angle on The Big V getting a cuddle...

We wish you all a Very Snuggly Sunday!


  1. Kudos to all nurses, You all has done a fantastic job.
    I hope #1 feel better so soon

  2. You guys are the best nurses.

  3. What would your #1 have done without you all? Job well done. Extra treats for the loving , hardworking nurses!

  4. That was sure a fun bunch of happy snuggles!

  5. You all do a pawsome job nursing ! Happy snuggling Sunday ! Purrs

  6. You are all doing a great job looking after #1. We hope she continues to improve quickly. Wonderful snuggles all around. :)

  7. Vous êtes les meilleurs, avec un soutien pareil votre #1 va être complètement guérie très très vite.
    J'aime bien ta façon pas invasive Tama ...
    La photo de Vidock est jolie avec cet angle étrange. On fait tous trop de photos bien droites et classiques !
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  8. You are all so helpful! I'm sure #1 will make full recovery quickly with you taking care of her so well. Bibi-Chan, can I get some massages, too? :-)

  9. All of you are doing such a great job taking care of #1! The proof is in the pictures! Everyone is concerned and the nursing shifts are working well with the felines. Of course, Tommy is right by #1's side every moment. Even the 2 Vs' are snuggling. Have a super snuggly Sunday! It is key to helping one get better and heal faster!

  10. You are all doing a great job of snuggling and nursing #1.

  11. Mom always says we keep her feet very warm when we lie on them at night so we are sure those shoulder massage snuggle shave to be very helpful!

    Happy Sunday.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  12. ALL of you are such wonderful and loving nurses. I love all of you.

  13. We know #1 got better so quickly with all your help.

  14. With all those great snuggles, #1 will be feeling great in no time!


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