Sunday, 17 April 2016

Snuggles on Sunday (the V edition)

Tama-Chan: This will be an abbreviated SoS pst as #1 is not here, but we did have a couple of nice pics of the Vs from before she left so we thought we would use them.

Have a Snuggly Sunday, Everyone!

PS: #1 here. I had prepared this post before leaving, but now have a couple of photos to add. Firstly, this rather lovely one of Tommy getting a kiss from his Mama, Minnie:

And the other is me in England snuggling with the current candidate for world's cutest puppy, an unusually coloured Jack Russell 10-week old baby called Daisy:


  1. A Jack Russell with German Shepherd coloring? That is really cool!

  2. Me does agree with Miss Summer !
    Actually, he looks like mini German Shepherd ...tee..heh
    Happy Sunday

  3. Those are such terrific snuggles and that little pup is so cute!

  4. Those are all wonderful photos! That is a very cute puppy. :)

  5. Nice to see these snuggles moments. Have a nice Sunday! Lot of purrs!

  6. Snuggle moments are always good--and good to keep you warm when everyone is not together.

  7. Ce Jack a effectivement une couleur tout à fait inhabituelle ! Il est tout mignon en plus.
    Vidock tu as toujours ton air de "beau ténébreux". Ca va bien avec des photos "moments câlins".
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  8. What lovely snuggling photos! It's so sweet Tommy is getting kiss from his mama :-)
    And Daisy is such a cute puppy! Happy Sunday xoxo

  9. Great snuggling pictures ! Daisy is a very cute puppy ! Purrs

  10. Thanks for sharing Tama-Chan. I love the 2 Vs' snuggling with #1! It's also fun to see Minnie giving kisses to Tommy! Last but not least is that adorable puppy Daisy! She's got my vote for the cutest puppy! It's definitely a Snuggle Sunday!

  11. That is a very cute little puppy! Your Mama Minnie loves you Tommy and is nice to see her giving you a kiss. Lovely snuggles for #1 from the Vs.

  12. Love the V snuggles and Tommy and Mama snuggles.
    The Daisy snuggles are the cutest!
    Most babies usually are ;)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  13. Those are great snuggles. Daisy is very cute.

  14. Tommy's Mum kissing him brings a joyful leaky eye to our Mum. They're so sweet together. We're so happy for the photo.


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