Friday, 1 April 2016

Humpty Dumpty Friday....

Those of on Faebook will have seen the news already. Our #1 had an accident on Wednesday evening. She fell off a ladder and dislocated her right shoulder. She also had big gash in her lower lip and bruising on her chin, plus a bruised rib and sore knee. The shoulder was "relocated" and the lip sewn up for a lovely Frankenstein effect. The shoulder and elbow are strapped to her trunk and will stay that way for about 10 days.

Nurse Genji is on full-time duty on #1's bed. Fernant's Mum came over with soup and helped give Sei-Chan her medication. We are coping but probably won't be commenting a lot for a few days and may miss a post or two.Thanks for understanding.

Her area a few random pics:

A concerned Genji:

Sweet Trav:

Don't worry! He is still getting his meals!

Sleepy Beebsy:



  1. I knew Genji would be on the job right away! He does remind me so much of my adorable blue half-brother Chilly.

  2. Mum didn't go on Facebook last evening so we didn't know #1 had had a nasty accident. We hope she will soon start to feel better although it will obviously take quite a while to get back to normal and poor Genji looks so worried about her.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Oh no! We hope that #1 heals quickly. Sending lots of healing purrs her way. Genji, you are an excellent nurse.

  4. Oh my word how scary. Sending lots of nurse and healing vibes your way
    Lily & Edward

  5. So sorry to learn about #1's fall. We hope things will heal up quickly, and encourage her to take things easy until they do. Many purrs.

  6. Humpty Dumpty ce n'est pas les noms des deux oeufs sur le mur dans Alice ... ?
    Bon, les chats il va falloir que vous soyez hyper sages et câlins. Un humain avec un seul bras de valide ce n'est pas pratique du tout.
    Il faut que vous preniez bien soin d'elle.
    On compte sur vous.
    Bon week end
    Nat à Chat

  7. Goodness! We had no idea since we don't do Facebook! Sounds rather painful for poor number one.
    Luckily her teeth were not compromised.
    We knew Genji would be on the job. He looks so worried. Thank goodness Fernant's mum can help.
    We'll keep you all in our prayers.

  8. Oh no, poor #1, we know it isn't going to be easy to keep that busy lady down for 10 days. But she needs to let that joint heal. All paws crossed for her to recover well.

    Hugs and Woos - Ciara and Lightning and mom

  9. We send tons of healing purrs to #1. We know she has the best nurses ! Purrs

  10. I am sending purrs for #1 to heal quickly and well.

  11. Genji is a great nurse and supervisor! #1 is lucky to have him. I'm glad the neighbor is helping out. I'm sure Tommy is concerned too! I hope #1 heals fast!

  12. We are sure you will hear more quickly with the gang surrounding you :)
    We purr you heal quickly and are not in too much pain.

    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ
    and mum Nancy

  13. Oh no, we missed that but send healing purrs to #1 from all of us!

  14. Oh dear! We will keep our paws crossed that #1 has a speedy recovery. You are lucky to have such caring neighbors to help you out too.

  15. oh NOES! We're reading backward so we had to hunt to see what happened - OWIE!


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