Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday?

Tama-Chan: Sometimes, one does despair... Can you believe that #1 hasn't actually taken any photos of me this past week? Does this seem even possible to you? Quite...

But here I am and we need a post, so I shall once again go fishing in the archives and come up with some oldies but goodies.

This is me with my brother Sen-Chan just one month before he went to the Bridge. He was the best brother ever:

This is me in October 2009 with my boyfriend Boukhara. He is Da Beebs' daddy...

This is me with my babies. Da Beebs is the one you almost can't see, wearing the orange collar:

With my Tommy:

Guarding the wine cellar...


I hope you have enjoyed these archive shots. We'll try and be a little more up-to-date next week.


  1. I really enjoyed seeing these throwback photos of you, Tama! I'm only two so I never got to see any of these.

  2. Those are lovely archive photos of you Tama! You look like you were a very good momma cat!

  3. You better warn her you are capable of hiring another assistant
    Lily & Edward

  4. Bonjour Tama,
    Ca doit être une maladie contagieuse. Notre humaine qui normalement nous bombarde de photos, en ce moment elle n'en fait pas.
    C'est sympa les anciennes photos. C'est bien, ça fait se souvenir de moments agreables.
    Tu es très bien en chatte pensive.

  5. We sure enjoyed every one of them!!!

  6. That's why they call the oldies goodies. These were all great, Tama.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. These are lovely photos of you from the archives.

  8. Those all are great pictures of you but we are a little scared of you guarding the wine. BOL!

  9. Oldies but goodies are nice too.

  10. I really enjoyed these older photos of you with your feline family, Tama-Chan. I like the picture of you and your Tommy too. Great show!

  11. Tama, Mes loves seeing pictures of yous and seeing how more beauteous yous have gotten with age is a bonus!!

  12. We did enjoy all these archive shots. It's nice to look back once in a while :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  13. Tama, those were awfully nice reminiscing photos, so don't be too hard on #1, okay?


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