Sunday, 13 March 2016

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: I think I can safely say that we have improved on our iffy performance of last week. First of all, when #1 was finally trying to put away some of that ironing, she saw me on the bed and hopped on to join me and we had a little nap and snuggle!

Of course, some kitties simply cannot leave well alone, can they?!

Se-Chan has been doing some undercover work with #1...

Whilst also snuggling with Tommy:

My Beebs has also been into the undercover stuff...

Whereas Da Genj prefers open-air stuff!

Here is the Big V getting a cuddle from #1 just as he was finishing up is treats for the day:

And Miss Violette about to give #1 a kiss:



  1. Binga always has to be included when my human finds a horizontal surface to hang out on!

  2. We like to snooze and our preferred spot is a nice comfy bed.
    Julie is the lap cat and loves to snoose on mum.
    We love all your snuggle pics and the kiss from Violette :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. All y'all look snuggly terrific!!!

  4. Dedans et en dehors du lit c'est pas mal. Je fais comme vous les garçons, mais je fais les deux.
    Tama ne râle pas. Genji il n'a pas pris ta place et il est sage.
    Par contre je ne sais pas comment vous faites avec vos oreilles les chats. Moi dans le lit ça me chatouille et ça m'agace un peu.
    Bons câlins.

  5. A nap and a snuggle is always good. Lovely snuggles all round, especially Sei-Chan and Tommy.

  6. Sure looks like a happy family to us. Everyone getting a good snuggle.

  7. I see some of you felines are into undercover operations. I really enjoyed the snuggle pictures with #1 and Tommy too. I always love to see the 2 V's. Violette's pic is hilarious! Great angle shot! Everyone's snuggling today! Happy Snuggle Sunday!!!

  8. Undercover snuggles are Pixie's habits. We enjoy all your snuggles pictures ! Purrs

  9. Great snuggles today for sure. And nothing wrong with a double snuggle with #1:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. There is something so incredibly charming about Sei and Tommy together. She loves him so!

  11. Those are some great snuggles this week.

  12. We are lucky we see you guys at FB. If not we would miss many things but we must say Snuggle pics are best viewed here.

  13. All of you make our day brighter.

  14. Snuggles on Sunday! this is is the bestest!


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