Saturday, 12 March 2016


Sei-Chan: Overall, it has been a good week, Dear Friends, although there has been some upheaval in one of my napping areas as #1 dragged out some storage boxes that hold her family archives. They were right under the beddie that's under the skylight. Still, I managed to find a few other places to hang out.

Lately, I have been enjoying spending time with the boys in the living room. This is my spot on the back of the sofa:

#1 managed to get a nice close-up:

Finally, here is another shot with that green blankie, but I had the sun in my eyes so you can't really see them properly.  Better luck next time, #1!

Have a great SEIturday, everyone, with plentiful sunpuddles!


  1. Happy SEIturday! I hope you get your napping spot back.

  2. Good morning beautiful. Why must our mums always disturb our favourite spots! Glad you found another to your liking. Your beautiful red furs look striking against the green blankie. You'll make a lovely photo for St. Patrick's Day.

  3. Sei-Chan, you look very cozy in the sun! Mom loves the colour of your fur. Merlin thanks you all for the purrs.

  4. You sure got the comfy sunny cozies going on!

  5. The back of the sofa is a much-loved place at our house, too!
    Hope you have an easy weekend, furriends.

  6. Bonjour Sei,
    C'est une manie d'humains ça de bouger les trucs. Ils devraient toujours nous consulter avant !
    Heureusement que tu as beaucoup d'autres endroits confortables. C'est quand même bien les maisons où il y a plein de places pour les chats.
    Profites bien de tes siestes ensoleillées.

  7. Happy Sei-turday everyone! Don't worry Sei-Chan. You have many different places to hang out. #1 has out done herself. She's provided a ton of cozy places. I love all your photos! My favorite is the close up shot. Hope you find some sunpuddles. See you next time!

  8. I am glad you found some more nice spots after being disturbed.

  9. Sei, you look pawsitively happy in those other spots.
    You have such lovely green eyes too.
    Hope you get to enjoy more sunshine!
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  10. You look so beautiful in all of your photos today, Sei-Chan. We hope you are all enjoying a nice weekend.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. We hope you get your sleeping spot back soon. You do look great in all those pictures.

  12. Ooooh LOVELY sunny cozy spot!
    We are jealous as it was drizzly and cold here today!

  13. Well! You know Mister Maui LOVED that last photo! We hope the archive boxes were replaced, toot sweet!


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