Thursday, 18 February 2016

Thankful Thursday

#1 here. If ever there was a Thursday for us to feel thankful, this would be it. Exactly one week ago, I took little Genji to the vet's as he was not eating, and there he tested positive for the FeCV and showed considerable weight loss and elevated amylase levels, indicating pancreatitis. We really did not know what to think and prepared ourselves for the worst. He stayed at the vet's for about 36 hours and came home on Friday evening with instructions to start eating, and eat only chicken in broth for now. Dr. C had left his catheter in place in case he needed to be hospitalised again within a day or two.

The first couple of days were tough. Genji was so tired and only wanted to cuddle, and it was hard to get him to eat anything at all. But on Sunday afternoon, he started to perk up and eat, and he hasn't stopped eating since! He has been devouring six meals a day and would eat more if I gave it to him. He is much more perky and tearing around the house and enjoying the view outside. I don't know whether we are truly out of the woods yet, but the Blue Boy seems to be back and I have everything crossed he will grow fat and stay healthy.

There are so many people to thank for their kindness and support through this time. Firstly, all of you, Dear Friends, who left comments here and on FaceBook and clearly care so much for our Genji. We treasured every single word. Dr. C and her assistant, Ms. K., for looking after him so well. Ms. A in New York and Mr. M here in France who both did serious energy work on him. Tommy's breeders Ms. A and Mr. R, who, together and separately, called and wrote so many times. Ms. I who helped me on Tuesday to remove the catheter so that we didn't have to put Genji through a stressful return to the vet. It was really hard work as the adhesive bandage was so stuck and really hurt the little one as we gradually cut it off. She spent as much time speaking to him softly and giving him cuddles as she did working on the bandage! The wonderful "San" in Singapore who talked to her vet about possible use of traditional Chinese medicine to help Da Genj, and videoed the whole thing for me! Our friend Ms. E who called at least once a day to ask for news. And of course Tommy, Tama, Sei and Beebs who were sweet and understanding. We are thankful to be surrounded by so much love.

And now, here is a feast of photos of Blue Boy Da Genj, taken over the past couple of days:

 We do have a little favour to ask of you. On Tuesday, we mentioned an auction to help some kitties in need. You can find the page here. They have had very few bids so far, so we would really like to put the word out there. We have donated one of Vidock's monster lucky horseshoes, should you fancy having one hanging on your door. Thanks everyone!


  1. We are delighted at the news on Genji!
    So nice to see the little one happy at home and doing well :)
    We will still purr for him, just to be sure.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. We are so gald you are on a good path to more sunpuddles and more food and more love from everyone. You are a precious boy.

  3. It's great to see and hear that Genji is feeling better. We will keep our paws crossed that he continues to improve.

  4. We're delighted to see that Genji is feeling a little better.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. glad to see and hear Genji is feeling better

  6. Such good news regarding Genji's health! He looks good and healthy and much more energetic! Yeah!!!!

  7. We have all been purring our hearts out for dear Genji and we are happy dancing at the great news!!!

  8. I'm so, so happy that Genji is feeling so much better! I'm continuing to send purrs as he recovers, and I hope the worst is behind him now.

  9. That is such good news that Genji is doing well and that you have had so much help and support during this very worrying time. We keep him in our thoughts and purrs.

  10. We are joining you in your thanfulness for such good progress for Genji. We hope he is out of the woods now. These are the times when it is so wonderful to have good friends.

    Woos -Ciara and Lightning

  11. We are SO thankful that Genji is feeling better now.

  12. Oh Genji we are so happy you are improving
    Lily & Edward

  13. When we read about you earlier today we jumped for joy. Thank God for answered prayers. We love you and are so, so happy you're feeling better. Keep up the good work, dear boy. (We must say you are looking especially handsome in your photos.)

  14. We're so glad to hear that Genji is doing better ! We're still purring for him. Purrs

  15. Coucou mon cousin,
    Je suis super hyper contente que tu ailles mieux.
    Penses quand même à ne pas trop te goinfrer. Il faut que tout se remette en marche doucement.
    Ce truc collé à ta patte c'est sure que ça n'a pas du être rigolo à enlever. Les humains ils n'ont pas de poils eux. C'est plus facile !
    Fais bien attention à toi.

  16. Hooray! Wonderful news. Genji truly is a beautiful boy ; may he live a long and healthy life:)

    the critters in the cottage xo


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