Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tama-Chan's Travelling Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Are you wondering about the title? Yep, I am doing the travelling today. One guess as to where I am going... Unlike my sister Sei-chan, I submit to it gracefully, as long as I don't get locked up in the carrier, in which case all hell breaks loose. #1 has learned over the years. We shall report back later, after Dr. C has done the deed with this year's jabs.

Anyway, here is a nice dangle for you:

And will you look at what was going on just above my head as I napped peacefully?

It seems that my lookout timing is all wrong...

I need to meditate on this:

UPDATE: Safely back home after getting my shots and praise from Dr.C. I have lost 100gr since last year, and Dr. C was very pleased with me. The big news is that #1 was able to catch Sei-Chan so she finally got her shots (2 years' worth!). Dr. C was VERY pleased with Sei-Chan who is down an impressive 850 grammes in weight from two years ago. That's two pounds! Dr. C found her in great shape. Woo Ho!

Here is a pic that #1 took of us in the car. That's me "on the loose" and Sei-Chan is in the carrier, and Tommy of course to keep us company:


  1. Good luck Sweetie!
    That squirrel is too bold for his furry britches! You'll catch him in the act soon, I'm sure, and make him run as if that fluffy tail were on fire!

  2. Those squirrels are very fast as well as sneaky!
    Good luck at the Vet.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. That squirrel is just too cheeky! I hope all goes well at your vet visit, Tama!

  4. Good luck on your trip. Do you wear your harness and leash? We're sure you will behave with your usual dignity and grace.
    That Squirrel! Cheeky little fellow, isn't he.

  5. Here's hoping you had a good review from your vet Tama - we both had ours two or three weeks ago and passed - phew!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Good luck. Keep an eye out for those tree rats
    Lily & Edward

  7. glad you both got a good report.... maybe you can catch the squirrel the next time :)

  8. I'm sure glad all is okay and that it is OVER!!!

  9. We're glad you got a clean bill at the vet ! Purrs

  10. I'm glad Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan were well behaved enough to travel to the vet. Of course Tommy was supervising. It's good they got their shots and that it's over with. Tama-Chan, I would say it is a successful day! Good job felines!

  11. I am glad that everything went well at the vets. You need a squirrel alarm so you don't miss them again.

  12. So glad to hear your happy news. Now you are done with the jabby doctor for another year.

  13. That's wonderful the day went so well for all of you! Very glad!


  14. Great news on the vet visits and we hope Dei-Chan won't need another two years before she can be caught again:) those pesky squirrels sure can be very devious.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  15. At least that visit is over for another year or two.

  16. Il est un peu insolent cet écureuil quand même ! Il frime parce que tu dormais Tama.
    Il parait qu'il faut dire que c'est bien que Sei se soit laisser attraper. Moi je sais pas. C'est pénible la voiture et puis les "en vert". J'en viens et j'ai chanté pendant tout le trajet.
    Le truc bien c'est que après on est débarrassées pour un bout de temps.
    Ronrons de soutien


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