Sunday, 28 February 2016

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: It has been a good snuggle week for us, Dear Friends. We have been able to concentrate properly on snuggling rather than on worrying. Those are the best kinds of week, especially when they also come with plentiful sunpuddles!

Since many of our friends do Selfie Sunday, we decided to include a few combo photos for a Selfie Snuggles on Sunday post! Let me kick off with one of me and #1:

But I of course also snuggled with my Tommy:

Genji was certainly into Selfie Snuggles this week!

Here is My Beebs enjoying a morning snuggle with #1 in bed:


And here is that soppy boy having his ears massaged:

Sei-Chan, needless to say, has been snuggling with Tommy:

Tommy also loves snuggling with #1!

And #1 with The Big V:

Here is #1 getting a kiss from Violette ahead of giving her one of her yummy heart-shaped treats:

When #1 goes to see the horses, she snuggles a lot with one of the dawgs there, a Cane Corso lady called Diddle:

And that is our snuggles for this week. We wish you all a very Snuggly Sunday!


  1. How nice to see everybody today! Well, except Trav, but I didn't think he'd be into any snuggling photos.

  2. Oh boy! So many happy snuggles :)
    That is what we call a mighty happy post !
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. We wish that one day that Da Trav will be included in these photos. Until that time, a virtual snuggle will have to suffice.
    The Cane Corso has such lovely eyes!

  4. We love your snuggles gang! Hey Trav, time for you to get in on the fun!

  5. Thjose are all great snuggly selfies.

  6. Si vous avez eu du soleil ce week end vous avez de la chance. Nous il pleut et il pleut. Beurk.
    Mais de toutes les façons, soleil ou pluie, vous avez raison, c'est toujours le moment pour faire des câlins.
    Bibi je te comprends, les massages d'oreilles c'est super bon.
    Plein de ronrons

  7. #1 is lucky to have so many snuggly selfies with all of you.

  8. Happy snuggles ! You did great with your combo photos ! Purrs

  9. Wow! So many snuggle photos today! Good for you Tama-Chan! Everyone is there. I really like Violette's selfie with the heart treats. I'm also happy you guys have plenty of sunpuddles to bask in. What a great day! It's snuggle Sunday!

  10. Sunpuddles and snuggling! Sounds like you are having the purrfect Sunday :-)
    Really love the photo of Violette giving #1 a big kiss! She is such a cutie pie!

    Happy Sunday xoxo

  11. Sue-perb snugglin an selfiess there Tama Chan!!! Efurryone looks so cozy an happy an relaxed...that iss what Sunday iss for rite??? ;)
    Give mee LUV to Numburr #1; shee iss thee Best!!!
    ~~~head rubsss~~~ an **nose bumpsss** Siddhartha Henry~~~

  12. Awww your Sunday snuggle pictures are awesome. We love them all.

  13. Excellent snuggle pics of all of you. We are loving the pic of the lovely Violette and her wrinkled pink nose spot!

  14. Happy Snuggle Sunday. xoxo Here's also hoping Trav is OK. xox

  15. Its nice to see everyone snuggling and having a fine time.

  16. Those are some of the best snuggle pictures we've seen in a while. We love Violette's close up. :)

  17. Everyone looks so very happy in all these wonderful snuggle shots. Have a great week.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning


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