Monday, 22 February 2016

Manly Monday

Da Beebs: It's the last week of February already! They are forecasting rain all week but we are crossing our paws that next week will bring sunshine and nice days!

Let me start with a photo of me and my bro, Da Genj, offering to help #1 with her supper:

Here I am showing off a particularly lovely dangle (in honour of my Mama Tama, of course!):

And, in an unusual move, here is a reverse dangle!

Da Genj: Here is one of me in the cat run a couple of days ago:

 Being fed chicken by #1:

And looking extra super-cute as I was napping!

Vidock: Studly Neighs, EveryFriend! I was naughty again! I broke my bridle on  Friday... But #1 had another one in the car so I had to work anyway:

Tommy: The bad weather recently has meant that we haven't done a lot outside, but I always make do, and there is always fun to be had when we do go out!


Da Trav: I Love the fact that I get food and shelter but nobody tries to catch me. I am a free spirit!

Wishing you all a good week!


  1. Such a nice Manlt Monday!
    All of you are looking good.
    We are expecting rain this week too,
    but it is OK as we are indoors.
    We prefer sun though.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. At this point, I am wishing for a bit of rain - the sunny part has been good but the temperatures have been in the 80s and even 90s recently!

  3. Your cats are really super cute while having a nap. Besides it seems to me that your weather is not so bad as ours, as it has been raining for a week here.

  4. We were told it was going to be wet here today too but it's sunny and for February quite warm too. Genji we hope you enjoyed your chicken from #1 and Hannah says "it's not fair Lucy scoffed half of my chicken". Mum did have to say it was unusual though as Lucy doesn't eat chicken very often as she prefers beef!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Y'all sure look terrific and that reverse dangle is most impressive!

  6. Happy Monday & good to see everyone. Genji we hope you're feeling better. You curl your back feet up like my late sisfur, Livia, our blue Aby girl.

    Beebs that dangle reversed is pawsome! I'll have to try that myself.

    MomKatt sends love!


  7. I love the reverse dangle, Da Beebs! It made me laugh! I also enjoyed the picture of Genji all curled up in a ball. It seems Vidock does not like his bridle or bit. It's not easy to tame a stallion. Speaking of tame...Traveller likes to be taken care of from a distance. He's a little like a wild cat in the jungle. These were great photos for manly Monday. Hang in there with the weather!

  8. Love the reverse dangle! Our mom gave us a bit of chicken last night, too! Isn't it the best?

  9. Awesome dangle!! That chicken looks tasty
    Lily & Edward

  10. A double tail and leg dangle and a reverse dangle - what will you think of next?

    Hope the sun comes out this week for all of you.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  11. Great dangle, Da Beebs ! That chicken looks yummy... and you look very cute while you're sleeping indeed, Genji ! No comment, Vidock... Purrs

  12. I love your reverse dangle, Da Beebs! That is a cute picture of you napping with the curly toes, Genji. Lovely manly photos of all of you.

  13. Another great manly post. We especially like Tommy's stick.

  14. Bibi-Chan, that reverse dangle is quite impressive! And Gen-Chan, you are so adorable napping with your tummy up :-)
    Happy Monday xoxo

  15. That is probably why our Mama loves you Trav. She is a free spirit too :)

    the critters in the cottage xo

  16. Looking good boy´s !
    Have been many grey and rainy day´s over here too , so my drooling woffie brotehr have been xtra jumpy inside *sigh*


  17. Coucou les garçons,
    On est en retard de commentaires, mais pour une fois avec une excuse. Hier et avant hier on n'arrivait pas à afficher votre blog.
    Bibi je suis sure que ton installation radiateur plairait beaucoup à Loustiquette.
    Genji je suis hyper contente de te voir dehors. Ca veut dire que tout va bien. Il va commencer à y avoir des bestioles intéressantes à chasser. Ici il y plein de lézards.


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