Friday, 7 November 2014

Vidock's Family Friday!

Vidock: I know I am pushing it a bit with two horsey posts in a few days, but I neigh that you will bear with me and want to read as I tell you about my latest family reunion this week.

As you know, Violette and I went for outstanding luxury spa treatment earlier this week and the location was my birthplace, which I always remember fondly. Almost my whole family still lives there and it is always such a treat to see them all.

We have shown you this photo before but I was able to say neigh to my Grandmama, Belle des Choux, on my way in:

Grandmama is a lady of advanced years but she is still very feisty and quite beautiful:

Now do you see the beautiful grey lady at the back of that picture? That is my mama, Jessy!

Here is a fun photo showing me chatting with her over the stalls:

She told me that she thought I had grown into a very handsome boy. Over the years, my Mama Jessy has had seven foals, but only two boys in the lot!

Here we are, having a three-way chat with GrandMama Belle des Choux (she is my Daddy Orgueil's Mama):

And of course, my Daddy Orgueil was there too, although he is not in the building I was in. Here he is, being looked at by the amazing Dr. F:

Now the other great thing is that three of my sisters also still live there! Two are older than me and one younger. Here is my older sister, Rumba. She is my half-sister as we have the same Mama but she had a different Daddy, although her Daddy was actually my Daddy's first cousin, so we are pretty closely related!

And this is my other half-sister, Sissy (Ha!):

She is the one on the right. On the left is her half-sister, Sireine (they have the same Daddy).

And there is also my younger (by one year) full sister, with the same Daddy AND the same Mama! Her name is Altesse (That means "highness" and she believes in it completely…). She is pretty cute:

And last but not last, do any of you old-time readers remember my half-brother (we have the same Daddy), Big Tom? Well, he is still there as well!. Here he is, getting a special hug from Dr. F:

I feel really privileged to be able to go back to my birthplace regularly and see all of my family. It is very unusual for horses to be able to do that (and woofies and kitties too, I am told), so I am extra-lucky.


  1. Vidock, it was so nice to meet your family.
    They are lovely.Bet you had a super time with them too :)
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  2. What a beautiful family you have, Vidock! My brothers are spread all over California so I doubt I will see them again except in photos. I do see my breeder when I go to shows, though.

  3. That's a really lovely family, Vidock. I don't know ANY of my cat relatives. I have to assume that there are some somewhere.

  4. Thanks for showing us the pictures of your lovely family Vidock.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures of your family.

  6. Hi there! I Hope that you enjoyed your spa treatment very much, Vidock and Violette an your mum is a very beautiful lady! Purrs to you all!

  7. I will never complain about multiple horse posts in a week hehehe. It looks like you had a great visit with your family! They are all so beautiful!

  8. Ca c'est une grande famille et étonnante aussi.
    C'est assez rare une réunion pareille.
    Elle n'existe que dans des élevages.
    Tu as de la chance Vidock...
    Bonne soirée
    Nat à Chat

  9. You have a beautiful family Vidock ! You're lucky to be able to meet them from time to time ! Purrs

  10. I well remember Altesse! And Big TOM! I do! What a JOY to meet your entire family, Vidock. Thank you for this special beautiful treat! Mom and I love it and we will alway enjoy all you care to show us, handsome boy! Just think, your entire family saw how handsome you grew up to be. xxoo

  11. It must have been quite something to see your whole family all in one place. It's a cause for celebration. We remember Big Tom as you showed him to us some time ago. We are sure they were so proud to see how big and handsome you are yourself.

  12. You have a very good looking family Vidock, and you must be as proud of them as they are of you.

  13. You come from a very handsome and beautiful family, Vidock - so nice to see all of them. that must have been quite the nice family reunion.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. A nice reunion of the horsey kind.

  15. Vidock! Yous one lucky horse! Most of us animals does not gets to see our families. And Vidock, wes can see that yous all very beautiful!

  16. Yow to bee able to go back n bizit yer Mum n Grandmama n see yer Daddy n siblinz iz pawsum...
    Me can barelee bememburr me pawentz n me haz no clue where any of my sibz are xcept fer Sasha what lived wif Miss Stella n Mistur Jeff in town here...(Sasha died of Kidney failure a few yeerz ago) butt we doez have 2 pix of her...
    Yer so blessed....truelee...
    **nose kissez** Nylalbue n Mum too x0x0


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