Saturday, 22 November 2014

Serious and Sad SEIturday - Goodbye Sweet Nylablue

Sei-Chan: We try to keep this blog as upbeat as possible, but sometimes circumstances simply overtake us. We heard a few days ago that our dear sweet friend, Nylablue, would be going to he Bridge today. Now Nyablue has had serious health problems for quite some time, including diabetes, and her amazing vet , Dr. Dave, and her Mom, Sherri-Ellen, have managed to keep her going and comfortable. But she has now come to the end of her journey, and we want her to leave with lots and lots of good thoughts from all of us at Poupounette Central.

Nylablue, you have always been the sweetest of friends to us here and you always leave such lovely comments. We are glad for each extra day we shared with you. We know how very much your adoring Mom will be missing you, and so shall we. Au Revoir, sweet friend.

Goodbyes are always so hard and somehow, this November is turning out to be a particularly sad month in term of goodbyes. So, remember everyone to love your family with all your heart each and every day. Each moment we share is precious.


  1. I have been sending purrs to Nylablue and her human all week. It has been a sad November in the blogosphere.

  2. EEowww Sei Chan yer tributte to me iz lubly! Me n Muma re uppy earlee (7 A.M.) so we can say Guudbyez....
    Phank ya fer beein so wellcomin to me when me ferst joined da bloggie werld.
    Me iz gonna miss ya CHAN Kittehz n funny Tommy n Vidock n Violette n sweet n gentull much like me Mum!!
    Me will bee postin me last bloggie soon n me wellcomez ya to come over n reed it n get da badge made fer all to dissplay! So me bidz all of ya Adieu n Amore
    Yer furend Nylablue Sweet Feet....

  3. That beautiful Nylablue grabbed our hearts and the hearts of many. She absolutely will live in our hearts forever.

  4. Such a lovely tribute to Nylablue.


    Cory and family

  5. We are sorry such a lovely kitty has crossed the Bridge. She was a sweetie.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  6. Tu as raison Sei-Chan, il faut chérir chaque minutes, chaque secondes de bonheur.
    C'est triste de voir partir quelqu'un qu'on aime.
    Douce soirée à tout le monde
    Nat à Chat et les Félines de la Colline aux Chevreuils

  7. We are so very sad about NylaBlue.

  8. We didn't know Nylablue but we can tell from all the beautiful posts for her how much she was loved. Soft woos and gentle hugs to her family.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. It is very sad that Nylablue has made her journey. I send my purrs to her mum.

  10. I sent my purrs to her mommy. What a beautiful girl.

  11. So sad. :( Please pass on my condolences.

  12. We send Nylablue's mom our deepest, most heartfelt purrs of comfort. We can only imagine how very much she will miss her Blue girl.

  13. Wes is so furry sad our furrend Nyla Blue has gone to summerland. It is so bittersweet.


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