Saturday, 15 November 2014


Sei-Chan: It has been a pretty good week, Dear Friends. We have had our fair share of sunpuddles, especially appreciated as we have seen more and more photos on FB of landscapes across the Atlantic that are looking suspiciously white.

I have just a few photos this week, but I like them and hope you will too:

On a less amusing subject, it seems that I am often the bearer of bad news when it comes to #1s schedule. She has confirmed that she is abandoning us again next week, leaving for England on Wednesday and only returning the following Tuesday. Fernant's family and Ms. S will look after us and we shall all be bereft. She says she is going over to do our Christmas shopping. Should we believe her?


  1. Well... I am sure she is doing her Christmas shopping for you all along with whatever else she has planned!

  2. Those photos are warm and purrfect!

  3. Love the pictures! Aw, sorry #1 is leaving you, but at least you get presents out of the deal!

  4. Tu es majestueuse au soleil Sei.
    Et tu as bien de la chance. Ici le soleil on le cherche.
    Désolée que ta #1 elle s'en aille. Elle a vraiment la bougeotte.

  5. Mes happy that yous is having wonderful sun puddles! Yous guys deserves it. And me must say, even though wes gots the white stuff, the last few days the sun has comed out and wes has had the bestest sunpuddles, even if it is -20 (c) outside.

  6. Your're looking good Sei-Chan. We hope #1 brings back lots of goodies from her trip. If not then she should get many demerits.

  7. We are sure you will all miss her, but we bet she gets you all pawsome presents!
    Still, it is not fun when your purrson leaves you.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  8. Another trip???? That #1 is a busy lady! Well, at least this time she will come back laden with pressies - we KNOW she will find some great things for all.

    Safe travels. And lovely photos, Sei-Chan.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  9. I'm sure she will get lots of Christmas presents for you!
    That's great sun puddle you got there. Happy Seiturday xoxo

  10. Yes. You should believe her when she says she will be doing Christmas shopping. The more you believe the more presents you get.

  11. We agree: Christmas shopping for all of you is the ONLY acceptable reason for #1's absence!

    Maui sends a *smooch* to Miss Sei-Chan...

  12. Lovely pics of you Sei-chan. We think #1 can be trusted AND forgiven the abandonment IF it is for you.
    Good job of keeping her on a tight rein.

  13. You are our sun kissed beauty, dear Sei.
    That's quite a long time for #1 to be away for shopping. You can rightfully expect to have the most generous and lavish Christmas ever.

  14. Yes, believe her and she also needs to get the vehicle going so as to be able to get your foods and presents all year long. And you look beautiful i all of your pictures.


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