Thursday, 25 July 2013

Thankful Thursday

Vidock: Neighs Everyone! Your favourite stud here! We haven't been blogging much lately because it has been SO HOT! Everyone is completely lethargic and what energy we have, we have been using for swishing our tails to get rid of flies!

But! There is a reason for me to be thankful! You know how #1 has been buying lots of cool purple stuff for Violette lately? Well, yesterday, she went shopping for treats for me, and look what she got me!

I am getting my very own "Stud Muffin" treats! Isn't that just the coolest thing?

As we don't have any new photos to post, here are a couple of older shots of me and Violette for your viewing pleasure:

#1 tells us she will be home this time next week. We can't wait!!!


  1. You deserve the treats as you are a STUD muffin yourself. They must taste pretty yummy.

  2. Stud Muffins - they sound just the right sort of treats for you Vidock.
    Violette looks lovely in the sunshine.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. Stud Muffins - how perfect, Vidock!

  4. Vidock tu es magnifique.
    Désolée pour les mouches. C'est terriblement agaçant !
    Quand ma jument était plus jeune elle logeait dans un club hippique. L'été je la mettais en vacances à la montagne. La personne chez qui elle restait mélangeait de l'huile de cade et de l'huile d'olive. Il en mettait aux endroits les plus attaqués des chevaux. C'est salissant mais c'est un super anti mouches !

  5. that #1 is pretty smart....those treats look perfect for you!!

  6. Stud Muffin you are! And Violette DID get her violet things for this is only right. xoxox

  7. Sounds very cool with treats called Stud Muffins !
    It has been really hot over here too , but today we got som rain so the worst hotzie is gone now :)

  8. Those stud muffins must be are always looking very studly...MOL, Savannah

  9. We hope you will like your STUD MUFFIN treats. Someone called Derby a stud muffin once. You can't eat Derby.

  10. Vidock, those stud muffin treats are SO cool! Like they were made just for you!! Let us know if you like them.

  11. The Stud Muffin treats really made us laugh! And we can't believe #1 will be home next week, it seems like she just left.

    I have a favor to ask when #1 was the time. We finally divided my mom's jewelry and I have a lovely bracelet with characters between the stones. Since my uncle was in Japan, I assume they are Japanese and was wondering if #1 could look at them if I sent some photos? No rush.

  12. I need some stud muffin stuff
    Benny & Lily

  13. FaRADaY: *raises paw* Are there stud muffin treats for kittehs? *puffs out little chest*


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